Two Simple Ways to Stop Spam on Your Blog


In yesterday’s post I suggested turning off captcha and not requiring registration if you want to get more comments on your blog.

Quite a few readers asked me, without those protections, how they could prevent spam.

So here are two simple steps you can take:

If you can’t see the video above, click here to watch it on YouTube:

Resources mentioned in the video: standalone GASP plugin or GASP included in CommentLuv Premium.

You can find more WordPress and blogging tutorials on my YouTube channel here:

Your Turn!

Is spam a problem on your blog? Have you used GASP or your blacklist to help combat it? What else has worked for you?

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  1. Helpful… Will forward to the IT half of CHS!

    1. Awesome, thanks for watching and commenting. :)
      Michelle Shaeffer recently posted… 3 Surefire Ways to Get More Comments on Your Blog PostsMy Profile

  2. Use both of these methods, Michelle, thanks to your advice. Also love SpamFree, a low cost premium plugin.
    Kathy Henderson-Sturtz recently posted… Replacement key to judging your self-worthMy Profile

    1. Cool! Appreciate you sharing that resource, Kathy.
      Michelle Shaeffer recently posted… Are You Missing This Essential Ingredient to Success?My Profile

  3. Great tutorial thank you for doing the video, I just subscribed to your YouTube channel also.
    Eleanor recently posted… Why Video Boosts Your Sites TrafficMy Profile

    1. Hey Eleanor, you’re welcome and thanks for subscribing. :)
      Michelle Shaeffer recently posted… The Key to Building Trust With Your ReadersMy Profile

  4. Thanks Michelle, just downloaded and Installed the GASP plugin as recommended.
    Mark A. Michael recently posted… Emotional SobrietyMy Profile

    1. Awesome! Enjoy less spam, Mark. :)
      Michelle Shaeffer recently posted… Why You Must Invite Your Readers to…My Profile

  5. Askimet was the first program I used for spam and it still works beautifully. Askimet is magical, I’ve never had a problem with spam.

    Keep these tutorials coming.
    Adalia John recently posted… Strength, Confidence and Courage Image QuoteMy Profile

    1. Hey Adalia, glad it’s working well for you.

      And thanks – got one more to go for tomorrow to complete this series of 5 and I’ll have to figure out what to do next… :)
      Michelle Shaeffer recently posted… How Often Should You Post New Content to Your Blog?My Profile

    2. Hi

      Akismet is also working brilliantly for me.


  6. Michelle, as always your blog posts and tutorials are timely. I just finished clearing out about 20 spam comments from my blog, then I saw your comment on Facebook with the link to this tutorial. I will implement GASP right now and see if that helps stop these spammers.

    Thanks for your all your great tips, your blog is a great resource when I’m looking for a specific type of plug-in.

  7. Akismet works really well, tho I do have to check occasionally for bonafide comments in the spam folder. Is that why you don’t use Akismet, Michelle?

    (BTW has your CommentLuv stopped working? I got no luv ;))

    1. Your site went down momentarily, so no worries on the plugin!
      Louise Myers recently posted… Improve Your Blog: Avoid Grammar Goofs! [infographic]My Profile

      1. Thanks for letting me know, Louise. I’ve been having issues keeping it up with traffic surges and am working on adjusting settings with CloudFlare to help. :)

    2. That’s the biggest reason, yes. I found far too many legitimate comments were trapped in the filter. More than that, I’m frustrated by trying to comment on blogs with Akismet as 75%+ of the time it will send my comments to spam and since many users don’t check their spam filter as you do, that means much of the time they never see the comment (and I sure don’t think I’m leaving spammy comments–I don’t add in links, use inappropriate words, and try to contribute to the conversation). It’s also a monthly fee for any business or commercial related blogs, so I’d be paying monthly for something that annoys me. ;)

  8. Thank you!! The spam has been driving me nuts – I had a plugin but was looking for something simple and this is it. I don’t want to ask my readers to jump through hoops to leave a comment – it has to be easy and these two suggestions are perfect. I am making those updates to my site right now.

  9. Thx Michelle! Yr a lifesaver! Haha love the “keywords” u have chosen! I have so copied that! :)
    Gabi recently posted… Divide And Conquer! Organizing Clothes!My Profile

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