Success is a Decision

By Christine Kloser

Have you ever wondered why some people succeed and others fail? Maybe you’re discouraged that your colleague’s phone is ringing off the hook and your phone hasn’t rung in weeks (or months). Believe me; I know what it’s like to be there. For years, I used to look all around me and see abundant success for others… and wonder if it was ever going to happen for me.

Deep down inside, my Divine Self, knew the answer was a resounding, “YES!”. But, on the surface, sometimes the situation seemed so dismal my human mind doubted that I’d ever see my dreams come true. I knew my doubt was part of the reason why I experienced challenges in my business, yet I didn’t know how to release it and surrender completely to my Divine entrepreneurial journey.

Then, I realized that I hadn’t yet DECIDED I was going to succeed. I hoped I would, I imagined I would, I prayed I would, but I hadn’t decided I would… succeed. Once I made this powerful decision to succeed, everything changed. My hope changed to belief, my imagination transformed into reality and my prayers fueled my actions.

If you feel like it’s time to put the power of decision to work for you, and your business… listen up. Here’s a simple 4 step strategy for making your Divine decision to succeed.

Step 1: Assess Your Situation

Before you begin any journey, you first need to identify where you are. In this step, you’ll set aside some time to reflect on your current situation. Then, you’ll look directly at your current circumstances, even if they’re unfavorable. A full evaluation of where you are (spiritually, financially and personally) establishes a starting point from which you can leap forward.

Step 2: Get Clear on What You Really Want

Next, once you’ve taken a look at your current situation, set it aside. And, allow yourself to create a clear vision of what you really want for your business, and your life. Don’t worry about “how” you’ll realize the vision; simply get clear on what it is. When creating your vision, it ought to be something that makes your heart sing; something that increases your energy when you think about it.

Step 3: Decide to Experience What You Really Want

Now, make the decision to experience your vision. Sometime this step will be a very subtle, simple shift in your being. Other times, this step will be a monumental moment that you’ll remember for the rest of your life. Sometimes it will be a private moment between you and God; while other times it will be a public experience when you proclaim to others what you’ve decided for your life. Whatever way your decision is made, one thing remains the same… from that point forward everything changes.

Step 4: Demonstrate Your Decision

No decision is complete without demonstrating your decision in the physical world. (Warning: This is the most common step where people stop.) Once you make a powerful decision, it lacks ENERGY until it’s backed by tangible action. Demonstrating your commitment to your decision by taking a specific action, is the most important (and sometimes the scariest) step to seeing your dreams become realized.

This four-step strategy is very simple to follow, but simple doesn’t necessarily mean easy. At times, making the decision to succeed can feel gut-wrenching, especially if it means having to let go of something you’ve been attached to for a long time (this happened to me when I decided to succeed). But, no matter what decision you face, when you follow this four-step strategy, your decision will propel you toward your dreams.

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© 2008 Christine Kloser

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