Survey Results! Answers to Your Biggest Questions

I appreciate everyone who took time to respond to my survey, and I hope you found the free gift at the end valuable in your marketing.  I thought it’d be fun to share some some of the results this week in the newsletter.

About your online presence:
– 75% of you have your own website
– 25% of you don’t have a website (yet!)
– 60% of you have a blog

What are you most interested in?
– Marketing Strategies
– Marketing Plans
– Time Management
– Search Engine Optimization
– How to Sell Online
– Business Management
– Getting Media Attention
– Social Networking
– Managing Your Website
– Managing Your Newsletter
– Publishing Information Products

Lots of great questions were submitted and I’ll be working through the list answering one each week on my blog and in the newsletter.  If you submitted a question, keep your eyes open for the answer soon!

Next week… I’ll be starting a series on how to get your marketing plan for 2009 ready!  We’ll start with a quick look back to 2008, goal setting and business visions, how to create a marketing plan, how to systemize your marketing to save time, and lots of great marketing strategies thrown in the mix.

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