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Free Training – Publicity, Blogging, Video, Networking & More

The Business and Marketing for Good Telesummit starts tomorrow, April 21st, and brings you free training on topics including how to get media publicity, go green to save money in your business, stand out with humor, market to introverts and so much more, all through the filter of doing business in an ethical way. Business …

Let’s Change Our Corner of the Business World Together

Yep, I’m calling in favors.  If you’ve found value and help in the resources I’ve been sharing on my blog, I’ve got a favor to ask. Earlier this week I shared with you that I’m hosting a free webinar training next Tuesday, August 14th with Tony Tiefenbach about creating profitable partnerships called “The 7 Laws …

Question & Challenge: Who Have You Helped Lately?

This week I’m continuing what I started last week with a question and challenge video for you. Are you going to take action? Be sure to leave me your response in the comments below the video! If you can’t see the video, click here to watch it on YouTube: