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How to Combat Swirly Brain Zombies

Business zombies don’t just want to eat your brains.  We could stop that with our tin foil hats.  (Right?  Doesn’t my hat protect me from that?) No, they want to turn your brain into a swirling mass of confusion that keeps you from making decisions and moving forward.  Business zombies are very good at this. …

Are You Successful Yet?

Do you feel like you’ve achieved success yet in your business? Have you defined success so you know when you’ve reached it? This week the inspirational video is from Sarah Cook of Raising CEO Kids. Image Credit: Yuri Arcurs

Weekend Inspiration: Goals

With 2011 coming soon, I’ve been thinking about goals a lot lately.  How about you? I’ve been trying to decide what goals are both realistic and a stretch for me.  There’s a fine line in there somewhere between setting a crazy impossible goal and setting a goal that will be challenging and exciting enough to …