1. Hi Michelle,
    I enjoyed the video and I resonate with it very well. I was born an entrepreneur disliking common structures like the school system and the 9 to 5 Corporate lifestyle. The goal with my blog is to achieve success so I can teach others how to do the same.
    Justin Mazza recently posted… Do Spiritual People Get Angry and Show Other Negative EmotionsMy Profile

    1. Same here — that lifestyle just doesn’t work well for me. :) Love being an entrepreneur and helping other entrepreneurs.
      Michelle Shaeffer recently posted… Do What You CanMy Profile

  2. It was somewhat of a good video … I guess It’s been over shadowed by my fave entrepreneurs movie http://youtu.be/T6MhAwQ64c0. I will give it another chance by watching it again. I am also going to email it to my newsletter subscribers.

    Thanks for sharing
    Adalia John recently posted… Encouraging Empowering Motivational Quotes by WomenMy Profile

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