The One Where I Compare Coaches to the Moon

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So last night we took the kids to the Planetarium’s show, “Life Without the Moon.”

After a walk through the night sky to identify constellations (which I admit, I can rarely find in the real sky… but they’re fascinating in a planetarium!) the presentation covered what would be different about life on Earth and popular culture if Earth had no moon.

Aside from missing moonlight, the lunar calendar and werewolves in folk lore, did you know Earth’s orbit and tilt would shift or that tides would be much less strong (the sun is responsible for a portion of the tidal pull but it’s mostly the moon)?

Without the moon constantly orbiting Earth:

  • our day could shift to be as short as 8 hours (and 24 isn’t enough as it is, right?)
  • the poles would move dramatically leading to violent weather change and climate shifts that could even end life on Earth
  • if Earth spun faster in it’s orbit (likely without the moon’s pull) it could lead to constant gale force winds as seen on Jupiter, which has a much shorter 10 hour day

Our moon is a stabilizing force for the Earth.

So what’s this got to do with coaches?  It got me thinking about how a business coach can be a stabilizing force in our businesses, like the moon is for the Earth.

With a business coach, I’m reminded consistently to stay on a sensible path of action.  I know she’s there if I need her, just like our moon is always in our sky.  She helps me focus and stay “in orbit” around my business.  And she keeps me stable instead of me running off chasing every new shiny idea or object that I see (no violent, dramatic shifts).  When I know I’ll have to report in next Tuesday how I used my time this week and whether I accomplished the goals I set… it keeps me on track!

Who serves as your moon?  It could be a coach or a mastermind group.  Whomever you choose, you need a moon just like the Earth!  So my challenge to you today is to either send a note to thank your “moon” and let them know they’re appreciated, or find a “moon” to help you!

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  2. Hi Michelle,

    How do you determine who the best coach or mastermind group is that fits with you and your situation?

  3. Michelle, I like how you think! And I agree completely. Having someone to keep you on track and accountable can be a big boost to productivity. It’s also nice to know someone is there who can reset your course if your poles shift.

    Jeff – selecting a coach is a very personal process since one size definitely doesn’t fit all. It truly depends upon your objectives for hiring a coach – and the coach’s qualifications/credentials in the area you want help in. You can search for business coaches in Google and visit the International Coach Federation ( to view coach profiles. Good luck!
    Lisbeth Tanz recently posted… 5 Ways be a Better Web Content WriterMy Profile

    1. Thank you for the tips Lisbeth! I’m definitely looking for people to band with and bounce ideas around.

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