The Ultimate Blog Challenge is Back – Don’t Miss It!

Are you ready to kick your blogging into gear and take it to the next level with creating great content and promoting your blog? Join me for the totally free July 2013 Ultimate Blog Challenge at

Here’s the scoop:

Are you in? Leave a comment below and share what you’ll be blogging about in July.

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  1. I will be blogging about whatever comes into my head to blog about! Poetry, non-fiction, blogs I follow…
    Caro Ness recently posted… Cha Ching or The Classic of TeaMy Profile

  2. I will be blogging about what it takes to start a business online.
    Candy L. Hill recently posted… Oh How the Sky Does Tease Me!My Profile

  3. For the month of July, I am going to blogging about taking the first steps to living a healthier and more fit lifestyle. I will also be blogging recipes and workouts and sharing some fun and interesting things on my blog.
    Melissa Austin recently posted… Diet To Go ReviewMy Profile

  4. I’ll be blogging about The Law of Attraction and other Universal Laws in a very practical, results oriented way.

    My approach is fast, simple, effective for results type coaching. I literally give away basically all the information you would need to create the life you want starting from learning how Universal Laws really work to applying them to every day life situations and then to really aligning to them to create the life you want.

    If that isn’t enough, I have other things people can do. My goal is to help as many people as I can and for all of us to have a great time doing it.

    I look forward to another Ultimate Blog Challenge.


    Kathy Hadley
    Kathy Hadley Life Coach recently posted… Ask Yourself: Do I Want More of That?My Profile

  5. Michelle, I’m soooooo excited about this challenge! I’ll be blogging to teach little business owners how to use Deep South manners to attract more clients and more sales. :) Thank you for hosting!
    Betsy Baker recently posted… Some Pretty Big Mistakes to Avoid When Presenting Your Live EventMy Profile

  6. I’ll be blogging about Leadership, Current Events, “teaching our girls to be good to other girls” and Dream Building…All my themed posts will be utilized in July!! :D

  7. Expect all things blogging for business and content marketing from me. :-)
    Caylie Price recently posted… The Lollipop & Icecream Approach To List BuildingMy Profile

  8. I am going to totally love this! :-) Looking forward to great connections!
    Vidya Sury recently posted… Taking One Day At A TimeMy Profile

  9. Michelle, so glad to try this again. Didn’t quite make 30 days last time, did make progress. Took a little, unplanned, break, so it’s time to work at it again. I’ve narrowed my focus a little. This time I’ll be blogging about the perfectly imperfections of our life and our quilts. I hope. :-)
    nita recently posted… Birthday ComfortMy Profile

  10. Glad to be back! Going to be blogging about the power and value of personal development for business owners. Lots of great insights and information to help them grow as they grow their companies.
    Kathi Laughman recently posted… Sunday’s Song: From my mailbox..My Profile

  11. I am back! Loved the challenge in May, though I rotated through a couple of different blogs. This month the challenge will be to focus on just one blog for a month. I blog about natural parenting, parenting tips, child safety and related topics.

  12. Hope I can do it:) Will be blogging about whatever comes into my head, some book reviews, and maybe some recipes.
    Kate Eileen Shannon recently posted… A BLOG POST ABOUT BLOG POSTINGMy Profile

  13. I need redemption as well. Here we go!

  14. I’m going to try my very bestest to blog daily about parenting, health & life throughout July!
    Stephanie L. recently posted… IMPORTANT: Google Reader is CLOSING!My Profile

  15. I’m in for the 5th time, and I completed the other 4. Last time I had two blogs, making it 62 posts in 31 days. I’m glad I don’t hve to do that again :D
    Linda Ursin recently posted… This Week’s Sassy SayingsMy Profile

  16. Hi Michelle!
    I’ll be participating again. I registered at the website, but the registration didn’t “take”. Anyone else find this problem?
    As usual, I’ll be blogging about tips for planning wedding and party music. My most recent post:
    Robbie Schlosser recently posted… Cocktail Hour Music — How to Choose a Song List for a Wedding or a PartyMy Profile

  17. this is the first ever any blogging challenge I am taking part in…. just posted my Day 1 post.. & it feels good :)… all the best to everyone here :)
    SunitaKurup Sapru (SuKu) recently posted… Challenge Accepted :) :) – The Ultimate Blog Challenge – Day1My Profile

  18. I’m planning to blog about my novel and life lessons. I’m also writing my second novel during July (well starting to) and will probably share some of that as well.
    Retha Groenewald recently posted… Christiaan’s SongMy Profile

  19. The first 10 days are focused on the 10 big questions to ask yourself before you ask things like “which tool” or which type of ebook or which type of anything because these are the essential questions (and the ones which I refused to focus on…definitely don’t recommend that route!).

    Then I’ll be doing some posts on how to pick the right tool for the job and using a strategic approach to content creation that starts with 80 characters and builds from there.

    Plus who knows what I’ll else I’ll throw in. I even have an new opt in gift for folks (The Getting Started Guide to a Sexy Backend for Your Business). Hope it helps those who are struggling with all the behind-the-scenes stuff involved in this thing called “being a business owner”

    Let’s do this!
    MamaRed recently posted… Business Strategy Question #2: Who Are You?My Profile

  20. I will be blogging about travel; specifically romantic travel.

  21. I’m in, for the 5th time :)
    Linda Ursin recently posted… This Week’s Sassy SayingsMy Profile

  22. My blog is about lifestyle and my focus this month is Live Well. I’ll be blogging about communication which is a vital skill in all facets of life

  23. I signed up for the challenge, and am awaiting my confirmation and addition to the blog list. Meanwhile I went to the list to read some of the posts of other authors and none of the sites I clicked on had posted anything in July at all! One hadn’t posted since last year. Will the list be monitored at all?
    orneryswife recently posted… Etsy Shop Sale: Christmas in July!My Profile

  24. That’s okay girl, we’ll forgive you for slacking off during the challenge. ROFLMAO :)

    I wanted to let you know how I appreciate the fact that you’re hosting another challenge! I enjoy meeting the new people and revisiting with old friends! :)
    Bonnie Gean recently posted… The Facebook Text Overlay Tool ExplainedMy Profile

  25. I´m decluttering and organizing my home to find time and space for my creativity. The biggest show and tell ever, corner by corner. :D
    Paula – Buenos Aires recently posted… Keep it simple, make it work 5.1 The tableMy Profile

  26. I’m late out of the gate… but I’m in!!
    Loralee Hutton recently posted… Growing Pains ExtraordinaireMy Profile

  27. I will be posting about how to become a Brand in Demand. This includes topics such as finding your passion, combining your passions to create a business that stands out beyond compare, and ways to get bigger opportunities for your business.
    Shery Mirshahi-Totten recently posted… What happens when you become a Brand in DemandMy Profile

  28. Thanks for sharing this @Michele. My site definitely needs some traffic boost. Hope this helps and good thing joining is free!
    Lindsay recently posted… Thermal Remediation for Bed BugsMy Profile

  29. Well, I don’t know WHAT I was thinking when I signed up for this…except that I think I signed up 3 or 4 times, and kept waiting for an email confirmation. All this to learn to become a disciplined writer/blogger. I’ve wanted to be a writer for most of my life, and various people have been encouraging me. It’s about time I put my brain in gear and see if I really do have what it takes for successful writing.

    It’s all about discipline…taking a deep breath!….let’s get this on!

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