Making Your Website Work for You: Answering Customers Questions

Answering Customer Questions

An effective website should focus on meeting the customer’s needs and helping them be sure that the products you offer are exactly what they want. To help customers determine if your products or services are right for them, you need to answer their questions. Only when their questions are answered will they feel comfortable making a purchase. Think about your products or services from a different perspective. If you were looking at it for the first time, what questions would you have about it? What would you want to know to determine if it were the right product for you? Think about your business from a different perspective. When you make your first purchase at a new store or website, what questions do you have? Here are three tips to help you answer your customer’s questions effectively:

*Make Your Policies Clear

Are your policies easy to find and clear? Customers will feel more comfortable purchasing when they know what payments you accept, how you ship and when they can expect their order to arrive, and in what circumstances you allow refunds or exchanges.

* Describe Your Products (or Services) in Detail

Include plenty of detail in your descriptions. The more detailed you are in writing up your product descriptions the less likely a customer will leave the page with questions, not sure whether to purchase.

* Clear Photographs

Online all buyers can see are your photos. So take time to make sure they’re clear and easy to see. Include photos from different angles, different uses, whatever views could be helpful for your customers. Consider asking a friend or colleague to look through your website and let you know what questions they’d have as a shopper.

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