Making Your Website Work for You: Building Credibility

Building Credibility

Selling requires building a relationship of trust with a potential buyer. This applies online as well as offline. You must build a relationship with the consumer through your website that creates trust before that consumer will feel comfortable making a purchase. Here are 6 easy ways you can help build that trust through your website.

1) Add Familiar Logos

This will help a customer’s comfort level. Place them where they can be seen immediately upon the page loading, so that it doesn’t require scrolling to see them. * If you accept credit cards, add the Visa/Mastercard/Discover/American Express logos to your website. Many customers expect to see these at a company that accepts cards. If they aren’t sure you accept them they won’t hunt for the information, they’ll just leave your site and shop elsewhere. If you accept PayPal, add the PayPal logo. * Add a “Secure Payments” type logo – either from your CC processor, or create your own with a padlock design to show customers you protect their financial information. * If you have your own SSL certificate and your SSL issuer offers a “Click to Verify” type graphic, be sure to add it to your website.

2) Company Contact Information

Include full company contact information on every page of the site. The footer is a good place for this info. Include both a postal address and a phone number if possible. You may also want to include various online methods of contact such as email, webform, or social networking sites you have business profiles at. Customers want to feel secure that they can easily contact you if something goes wrong or they don’t receive their purchase.

3) Photographs to Connect With

Consider adding a photograph of your, your family, your store, or something else concrete that people can connect to. Shoppers buy from people they know, like, and trust. Including a photograph can help build that feeling that they “know” you.

4) Clear Sales & Privacy Policies

A well-written privacy policy is crucial to customer confidence. Please create a separate page for this, and link to it from every page of your site. Also be sure your sales policies are very clear. If you offer services, provide your terms of service. If you sell products, be sure your shipping, return/exchange and other policies are clear.

5) Testimonials from Customers

Testimonials are both a powerful selling method and a confidence booster. Sprinkle them throughout your website (but only honest, real ones!). Always include a name with a testimonial – full name if possible, or first name and state at least. Testimonials are more believable if there is a name and place associated with them. Written testimonials are good. Written testimonials with pictures are better. Add audio and it’s even better. And video testimonials are great!

6) BBB and Other Organizations

Consider joining an organization like the BBB so that you can add that logo/link as well, and any other applicable online organizations or associations related to your products. Look for guilds, associations, or other similar groups. In addition to these 6 tips, next time you shop online notice what it is about the websites you choose to shop at that makes you feel safe and secure purchasing from them, then apply those lessons to your own website. Look at your website through a potential customers eyes. Then do whatever you can to help them feel confident and to answer all their questions about shopping with your business.

Next week… Making Your Website Work For You! Part 6 of 7, Beyond Just Sales

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