Three Ways to Break Out of Dollars for Hours and Make More Money

Keep your piggy bank happy -- give these ideas a try!

Yesterday I shared with you some of the ways that have worked for me to go beyond trading dollars for hours.  Today I  want to help you brainstorm some strategies that might work for you.

Create Something: Do The Work Once, Get Paid Over and Over

What can you create and sell more than once?

If you’re a coach or consultant, what about sharing your knowledge in an information product like:

  • ebook
  • audio (teleseminar or recorded audio)
  • video (webinar or recorded video series)
  • virtual course

If you’re a graphics designer, you could create:

  • icons
  • templates (websites, blogs, ads, flyers, business cards, etc)
  • logos or headers (premade but allow buyers to customize to their business name)

If you’re a crafter or artist:

  • how to guides to teach people to create what you create
  • patterns and templates

If you’re a writer you could put together:

  • PLR articles or resources
  • templates
  • checklists and worksheets

These are just a few of the many possible options.  Think about ways that you could get your knowledge into a format that you can help more people with it.

Promote Something: Recommend Other People’s Products/Service as an Affiliate

What are the products or services you find yourself always recommending to the clients you work with?

Sign up for those affiliate programs to promote!

For my audience, the affiliate programs that have worked well for me have been things like WordPress templates and plugins (Genesis Themes, Premise plugin, etc.), email providers (like AWeber), and sharing other service professionals who offer complimentary and even competing services.  I’ve recommend website designers, virtual assistants, coaches, and others.

Advertise Something: Monetize Your Traffic

Once you’re getting traffic to your website/blog another option is to monetize that traffic by offering advertising spots or adding something like Google Ads.

There are many more ways to get out of the dollars for hours box, but I hope these give you some ideas! 

What’s worked for you?  Or what do you have questions about?  Please share in the comments.

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  1. These are some awesome ideas that will help entrepreneurs stop trading time for dollars. Taking action is challenging for some. if you can’t take a gigantic step, take a tiny one. What I’ve observed from my clients is that lack of confidence and limiting beliefs about money can keep you stuck.

    Realign your minds and you’ll be able take one or more of Michelle’s suggestion to help with your financial breakthrough.
    Adalia John recently posted… Some Awesome Bloggers I met at the Ultimate Blog ChallengeMy Profile

  2. Thanks for pointing out these ways to monetize our traffic. So often we take for granted the things we do so easily, but that others would pay us to do for them.

    Becoming an affiliate is a smart move when we discover products and services we love and are happy to refer.
    Flora Morris Brown, Ph.D. recently posted… What I Learned About the Kindle Select ProgramMy Profile

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