Top 10 Tools I Use for Twitter

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Yesterday I shared some tools for Facebook.  So you knew I couldn’t resist sharing my favorite Twitter tools today…

I’ve created a toolkit at with 10 of the tools I use most frequently to monitor my brand, engage with my clients, and share my business using Twitter.

Check it out:

What are your favorites?

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  2. Merry Christmas Michelle,

    I enjoy receiving helpful info from you. My site will require attention when I am ready. I decided last year that I needed to start an online presence now. I like the grass roots way of advertising. I hope to find trustworthy people who are just beginning to have an online presence or people that don’t have issues with petty things like the way my website looks. I look at my site and think this is not very professional but I will not let that stop me from helping others.
    I will contact you when I am ready to go professional. I have read and learned some valuable info from you, although I have not implemented most ideas, I will in the future.

    1. I’m glad you’ve found helpful info, Michael. I take the approach with my site that done is better than perfect and while I know there are places to improve (as there are on most websites!) we’ve got to get out there and just work on it as we go. :)

  3. Before I used hootsuite but there are so many options so I am using tweetdeck now because of its simplicity and ease of use.
    Klout shows some nice stats and you are able to see where you are going with your profile and areas where you can still improve.

    1. I’ve tried TweetDeck and I have friends who absolutely love it. It’s got some nice features.

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