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Are you looking for a way to get more traffic to your website?  Today’s post is part of the WAHM-Articles Blog Tour about… article marketing!

As I shared last week, one of the steady sources of traffic to my website is the articles I’ve written and shared through sites like WAHM-Articles.com.

So, how’s it work?  You can write articles about anything you’d like, and submit them anywhere you’d like… but that’s sort of like just randomly throwing out a handful of business cards into the wind and hoping they get to people who can use your services.  It’s more effective and less stressful if you start with the target in mind and create a strategy.

Here are some good article strategy questions:

  • Who are your articles meant to help?
  • Where do they gather online and offline?
  • What can you write about that they want to know?
  • How will your articles help them?
  • What happens after they’ve read your articles?

Once you know who you’re writing for and why, and where to find them, it’s easier to come up with topics that will help them.

Start brainstorming article ideas with the questions you get asked frequently.  If you haven’t received a lot of questions yet, check out the forums and blogs where your target market hangs out and see what questions they’re asking there.

Then write! You can start with an outline or notes, use a template, or just jump right in, whichever approach works for you. Set the article aside for a bit when you’ve finished it.  Proofread it with fresh eyes.

When you’re ready to submit your articles, look at the article banks to figure out which ones are best for your articles based on who you’re trying to reach.  If you write for work at home moms, try WAHM-Articles.com.  If you write about spiritual and self growth check out SelfGrowth.com.  There are directories for many niches and it’s worth the time to see what’s out there.

You can also go beyond article banks and look for targeted websites that accept article submissions and send your articles directly to them.  Offline publications (newspapers, magazines, etc) might also be a good place to explore ways to get your articles to more of your target audience of readers.

Keep in mind the overall goals of your article marketing strategy.  You want to get help your readers, but you also want to get your name out there and get recognized as an authority on the subjects you write about so that you can get more traffic back to your website and more clients/customers for your business!

Michelle thanks again for allowing WAHM-Articles to stop and visit your blog. We hope this post will help your readers get started with article marketing. We just came from WAHM-Articles blog, so make sure you click here to read about the blog tour and where we’ll be. Also, make sure you click here to visit Sophia and Shelly’s blog on Thursday to see how we’re going to help their readers with article marketing.

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  1. Great tips Michelle! There are so many ideas for topics everywhere you go and it’s just a matter of turning it and see how it can fit in with your business. Many times I read articles that don’t relate to my business, but at the end I find a way to turn that information to fit with my target audience.
    Sophia recently posted… Beware of The Holiday ScammersMy Profile

    1. It really is, isn’t it? Just got to keep that awareness when you go through your day and there are ideas everywhere. :)

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  3. Excellent post Michelle. :) Those are great tips. Your questions offer an article marketer much to think about. Also, paying attention to your thoughts about your business at odd times will often result with some good ideas. Such as, maybe in the middle of the night when you can’t sleep, while driving, cleaning house, eating dinner. I’ve often found myself brainstorming at these inopportune times.

    1. Good tip, Tammy. Inspiration, like lightening, strikes at unexpected times.

  4. Thanks again Michelle for a great post. I am now using a couple of wahm sites for article marketing. You are a star!

    1. Thanks, Eleanor. I use a variety of sites to share my articles and find they reach different groups with different results.

  5. Michelle,

    WAHM sounds hot for targeting those of us that work at home.

    I am getting better at targeting my market. I can tell by the increase in sign ups to my email list and how long they stay subscribed.

    Visiting forums for ideas and participating in the forums has worked well for me.
    Sheila Atwood recently posted… Outsourcing SimplicityMy Profile

    1. That’s awesome, Sheila. Seeing the numbers go up is always a good thing – we’re helping more people! :)

      Good tip on the forums. That can definitely boost traffic.

  6. Those are great suggestions Michelle. It always amazes me how many people don’t realize they need to stick to articles based on their target market. Thanks for reminding us of how important this is.
    Corrie Petersen recently posted… Can Article Marketing help you Grow your Business during the Holiday SeasonMy Profile

    1. It works a lot better that way. :) Doesn’t mean we can’t write about other topics, but we just have to remember our goal. If I write about something like homeschooling I usually write about it from a perspective of how to juggle that and a home business so it’s still helpful to my target market.

  7. Wow…a lot of great information in your post Michelle. I used to do a lot of article writing and marketing but the past few months I have been slacking due to my other business taking off. I used to submit to a lot of directories but now I have only been submitting to 2-3.

    You are absolutely correct on writing towards a targeted marketing audience and the directories you submit to should also cater to that market.

    Love your post! Full of great information.


    1. Thanks, Shelly. And yes, you’ve got it mastered – I see you everywhere in articles!

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