Weekend Fun: 101 Awesome Marketing Quotes

“If you have more money than brains, you should focus on outbound marketing. If you have more brains than money, you should focus on inbound marketing.” ~Guy Kawasaki

I know I’ve said it before, but the people at HubSpot put out consistently great stuff. Check out this awesome compilation of marketing quotes.

It’s impossible to narrow down to just a few favorites, but I really liked slides 11, 19, 40, 57 and 102. I found 31 to be a challenging reminder.

Which one did you find most interesting? Any of them spark any thoughts for your business or blog on how you can better reach out to your market, to sell, engage or enchant them?

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  1. I really enjoyed that presentation! My favorite was #4 and second best was # 66. Have a great weekend!
    Martha Giffen recently posted… Ten Social Media Tips You Can Use Right NowMy Profile

  2. This was a great share, I like the quote about twitter,

    The biggest mistake companies make when they join twitter is that they see it as a channel to push out information.

    We are actually doing this at work now but no amount of arguing or case studies will change the mind of the marketing director who wants us to keep doing this. Its not working but we have to spend our time doing it!
    danika recently posted… Free dating sitesMy Profile

  3. Enjoyed the presentation. Found 10 that I loved. I liked 11 and 40 also, but 74 and 82 were also great!
    Robin Smith recently posted… Sparklers and Fireworks!My Profile

  4. I enjoyed that, Thank you :)
    Kama recently posted… Comment on Tooth Fairy – Dream & Believe by KamaMy Profile

  5. I like “make the customer the hero of your story”…now, I do not know if it made me laugh because of the Betmen presented in the background,or it was because there really is truth in it. After all, the customer is always right. If we give our best to make the customers happy and build good relationships with them, success is a guarantee. I like many of the quotes you gave here, Michelle, but this one I chose simply for the reason that it says a lot in just a few simple words.
    Kristina L. recently posted… Sheyna Jewelry Coupon CodeMy Profile

  6. I liked this quote “focus on the core problem your business solves & put out lots of content & enthusiasm & ideas about how to solve that problem. There are so many deep tips in this slide show. You could probably write a full blog post centered on just one of these quotes.
    Danny recently posted… Tribal Collective Wisdom On Healthy FoodMy Profile

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