Graphics, Themes & Colors: Fun Tools For You

Do you want to…

  • create your own WordPress theme?
  • build the perfect color palette?
  • create and edit images in your browser (without Photoshop)?
  • do fun things with your photos?

You’ll like these cool tools!

Color Scheme Designer

To create a beautiful color palette, play with this tool a bit.  Try the random button!


I use this site frequently.  It gives me an easy way to create and edit graphics without Photoshop.

Be Funky

Make your photos more interesting with the effects and filters at Be Funky.  All sorts of fun.


Similar to Pixlr, this is another browser-based image editor.

WordPress Theme Generator

Want to create your own WordPress theme?  Try this tool.  It will let you choose your logo/header text, background, layout, colors, etc.

What Are Your Favorite Tools?

I’d love to hear what you think of these!  Or, what other tools and websites you like for working with graphics and themes.

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  1. great idea, Michelle! I have been using Color Scheme Designer for over 2 years LOL LOVE it! I also love how, after I have my colors picked, I can hit the html/css link and get a page with everything I need ;) comes in handy when designing for clients. I just add it to their file ;)

    When I have time (what is that??? LOL) I am going to play with the other suggestions ;) got them book marked! woot!
    Kimberly ~ Gypsy recently posted… What I Learned During the January 2012 Ultimate Blog ChallengeMy Profile

    1. Extra time? Where, where?! LOL

      Isn’t that one cool? It makes it so easy to choose colors that go together beautifully.
      Michelle Shaeffer recently posted… Celebrating “Working Naked” DayMy Profile

  2. did i hear extra time?
    a plugin for wordpress maybe?

    i love the color scheme designer
    has helped me with my forum :)

    i will try the other suggestions as well – especially the wordpress theme generator
    wonderful suggestions michelle – tweeted :)
    helen bogun recently posted… 11 Golden Rules for Online CommunicationMy Profile

    1. Everyone’s looking for that “extra time” solution. :)

      Thanks for the tweet!
      Michelle Shaeffer recently posted… Graphics, Themes & Colors: Fun Tools For YouMy Profile

  3. This is so totally awesome, i was just looking for editors to replace photoshop that i can “take anywhere” typa thing, so you made my day thank you!
    ella recently posted… February Is National Heart MonthMy Profile

    1. You’re welcome, Ella. These are great for that. :)

  4. hmmm … maybe we can come up with a WP plugin :) “Extra Time — Click here when needed.” Make some outrageous looking button that shows up in a widget! mmuuhahaha
    Kimberly ~ Gypsy recently posted… 5 Reasons Blogging is Crucial to Your BusinessMy Profile

    1. Now that could be fun. :)


    I love color lovers. They have many great tools you can use to pick color schemes. Including one that builds palettes from photos. You can also browse patterns by colors or hexidecimal code. A lot of graphic designers hang out around there so there are many color inspirations to find. They also have a great blog that I love reading.
    Susan Silver recently posted… What is Transmedia Story-Telling?My Profile

    1. That’s awesome, Susan. I love the photo option. Thanks so much for sharing it. :)
      Michelle Shaeffer recently posted… Color Outside the LinesMy Profile

  6. Cool! I will try the random button! This could be of help, as I also don’t know a lot about using Photoshop. This, however, sounds like an excellent alternative to it. Thanks for the idea, Michelle, it is appreciated!
    EleonoraEOF recently posted… Abdominal Cuts Review by RevolutionMy Profile

    1. You’re welcome, Eleonora. I love these as alternatives to Photoshop and find I can do most any graphics work I need to for my websites or programs using them.

  7. You’re helped me :)
    Harun Korkmaz recently posted… Blueeyedboy olsaydım…My Profile

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