Weekend Fun: Gummy Bears & Video Games

If you grew up in the 80s like I did, back when video games involved only a D-pad and two buttons, you’ll love this one.

This isn’t the “normal” for my blog, but my goal with the weekend fun series is just to make you smile with a funny/cool infographic, amusing post, or silly video.  We all need a time out for fun once in a while.  And who can watch gummy bears without smiling?

And after you watch, if you’ve got any suggestions on how the heck to translate my mad Tetris skills into the ability to play my boys game systems without dying every time I forget there’s extra buttons on the back of the control (which inevitably causes my game character jump off a cliff or run into someone’s weapon fire when I accidentally hit it), tips are welcome.  Because I can totally conquer at the original Mario but anything requiring more than three buttons seems to need my brain re-wired…

If you liked that one (or your kids did), check out this one — legos & classic video games!


Photo Credit: acidbaby/Sxc.hu

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  1. Ha haa! I LOVE this post! I would LOVE to have an original Nintendo system. The new ones (even back to the game cube) just make me feel so inadequate — There are JUST. TOO. MANY. BUTTONS! I know I’ll be the awful video-game-playing-Mom when my boys are big enough. My hopes are to find an original system Dr. Mario and Tetris and whoop their little bums with the old school games!

    1. You can find them on eBay. I should make that a Christmas present for the kids (um… okay, me) this year. :)
      Michelle Shaeffer recently posted… How to Stay Focused and On TaskMy Profile

  2. Yes! I actually still have the original Nintendo and Sega Genesis. One day I will bust them out of the garage for the kids. I don’t have the time to invest in the games today. You literally have to spend HOURS to get to even the next level. Who has the time?
    Traci Lehman recently posted… Coffee and Talk: Walk at the San Clemente Beach TrailMy Profile

    1. That’s awesome, Traci. I wish we’d kept ours.

      I know what you mean — we’ve got books of codes and magazines, and then there’s the strategy guides…

      I like Tetris. Simple.
      Michelle Shaeffer recently posted… Is it Weird, Different, True, False…My Profile

  3. I look back on the games I played as a kid some 30 or so years ago, compare them to today’s games, and then try to imagine what the games will be like 30 years from now. It’s nearly unfathomable.
    Now those old console and arcade games can be played on the computer (and many modern consoles) with emulators and roms (emulator programs act as the consoles and roms are the games), except that I can’t find a working program that emulates the Atari 5200 I had back in the day. Getting ahold of a 5200 in playable condition would be tricky because of the problematic controllers the system came with but if I could, I’d get it.
    JohnJeremyVines recently posted… A Classic Essay and A True Story of Animal AdoptionMy Profile

    1. That’s quite a thought, isn’t it? I can’t even imagine, given the speed technology is improving at. It’ll probably all be virtual reality by the time I’ve got grandkids–or games like they imagined on the Star Trek series. :)

      Didn’t know it was possible to play them on the PC now. Interesting!
      Michelle Shaeffer recently posted… The Super Easy Guide to Twitter ListsMy Profile

  4. Hi, Michelle,
    Loved this refreshing post and the video. I am a big fan of retro games in general, and my husband even likes to collect old consoles. We occasionally play them, as well, so it’s not like they are just attracting dust on the shelves.
    I even prefer them to newer consoles…not because their joysticks are simpler, but because there is some other kind of beauty in them…I guess it is the reminder of childhood.
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