Weekend Inspiration: Overcome Failure

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Have you ever felt like a failure?  Has someone else told you that you couldn’t make your business successful?

You’re in great company!  Watch the short video below and see who else pushed forward after failure, or was told they wouldn’t succeed.

If you’ve never failed, you’ve never lived.  Accept now that sometimes things won’t go as planned.  See it as an opportunity to change plans when needed and just keep going.  Don’t let failure stop you.

The world needs you.  Whatever talents you’ve got, or whatever you have to share, there’s someone that needs you to be you.  So one step at a time just keep going. 

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  2. This is one of my favorite videos. It gives me chills and it’s so inspirational. When you’re going for what you want, never give up. Don’t let circumstances or other people’s opinions stop you. Keep on going. And look what can happen!

    1. Isn’t it amazing? People we normally would assume never failed at what they’ve succeeded so well at in their lives had to get past those tough moments, too. Definitely gotta keep going!

  3. Hello Michelle,

    I love this video and showed it earlier in the year on FB. Today I posted about my best and worst decisions of 2010. The way I see it, the failures are learning experiences that make me want to turn those decisions into learning opportunities for 2011.

    Happy New Year and thanks for all you are doing to put this blog challenge in place,


  4. What a fabulous video. People who succeed are the ones who get back up after falling down, as your video so eloquently demonstrates. So here’s to failing, learning and then succeeding!!!

    Makes me think of a baby taking its first step, falling down and then getting up again. And thank God they do, can you imagine having to push a 150-pound man around in a stroller, because he fell down after trying to walk once and gave up? LOL!

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