Weekend Inspiration: What Are the 8 Secrets to Success?

Does “success” sometimes seem like a complicated quantum mechanics equation that you haven’t quite figured out yet?

Maybe even like it’s totally over your head?

This weekend for inspiration I was thinking about success… how do we really get to where we want to be in our businesses and our lives?  What does it take to become successful?

Who better to go to advice for than the most “successful” people out there?

In the TED video below, Richard St. John shares what he’s found in 7 years of research and 500 interviews with successful people.

There are 8 secrets to success:

1. Passion

2. Work

3. Good

4. Focus

5. Push

6. Serve

7. Idea

8. Persist

(Warning: Minor language is used, so parents might want to listen without little ears around.)

What do you think? Have you found these 8 qualities are keys to moving yourself towards success?

You can learn more about Richard St. John (and grab a copy of his book if you want to learn more about these success secrets) on his website at http://www.richardstjohn.com/. Or download a free wallpaper image to remind you of these 8 secrets at: http://www.richardstjohn.com/content/buynow/wallpapers.php?p=1

Image Credit: solarseven/StockFresh

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  1. I love this information because I volunteer once a week to help women re-gain their self esteem after they’ve left an abusive relationship, and the 8 Secrets to Success is a great piece of advice or visual tool to share with them. Thanks so much!
    Rhonda Neely recently posted… 5 Skills Necessary to Have a Happy and Vivacous MarriageMy Profile

    1. That’s an awesome ministry, Rhonda.
      Michelle Shaeffer recently posted… Top Ten Reasons I Haven’t Commented on Your Blog (Yet)My Profile

  2. Love the quick 3 minute explanation, was fun and informative. And it was good to hear from the ones that made it.
    Nancy Rose recently posted… Try some bergamotMy Profile

    1. I love hearing advice from those who’ve been successful – especially the ones that have made it against the odds.
      Michelle Shaeffer recently posted… Top Ten Reasons I Haven’t Commented on Your Blog (Yet)My Profile

  3. Right on!
    #1 on this is, in my opinion, #1! Passion! You must ask yourself WHY you are doing something. Why are you taking time out of your day to run your business.
    You can’t say ‘to make money’ because that is a result. So many business and even companies are not answering this question and it really holds them back in more ways than one.
    Great post!
    Brock Blohm recently posted… Why Network Marketing?My Profile

    1. It is such an important question to answer. Without that, it’s hard to stay motivated and hold on through those tough moments we all hit.

  4. Michelle,

    I have a few of these traits to blame for the amount of success that I have seen. Passion and Persistence are my tow most used. Thanks for the short take on success.
    Bruce W. Darby recently posted… Can’t find a WHY? Get a WHY NOT…My Profile

    1. Loved your “Why Not?” post, Bruce. Awesome.

      Everyone reading, take a minute, click that link below Bruce’s comment to go read his last post, “Can’t find a WHY? Get a WHY NOT?” – great perspective shift.

  5. I love watching TED Talks. Much better than watching TV. Richard mentions in his own business failure that he was serving himself rather than his passion of serving his customers.

    For me

    Passion: do it for love, not for the money. The money will follow.
    Focus: focus on one thing.
    Serve: it’s a privilege
    Persist: even through failure,criticism and rejection.
    Danny recently posted… My Coming Out DayMy Profile

    1. It’s definitely better than TV. So much more encouraging/inspiring.
      Michelle Shaeffer recently posted… Top Ten Reasons I Haven’t Commented on Your Blog (Yet)My Profile

  6. For once, I love TED presentations.
    For me, I have to work on focusing a bit more. I like so many things and I always have a flood of ideas, but I’m now learning to select those that can be integrated with my goal each time. I tell you, it’s not easy abandoning (or putting aside for the moment) all the rest wonderful ideas!
    Helenee recently posted… Find A Good Writer updated Sun Jul 24 2011 10:52 am CDTMy Profile

    1. I have that same challenge, Helenee. Too many shiny new ideas and it’s tough to stay focused. Ideas are great — knowing which ones to go for are even better. :)

  7. When I played the three minute video, wow! within that three minute you get a lot of realization and wisdom. Thank you for sharing this. ^_^
    anakovlovic recently posted… Being a Mother: Is it that Simple?My Profile

    1. It’s a power-packed 3 minutes. :)

  8. That’s quite a comprehensive list there. If were up to me I would say that Work would be the most important. You need to put the work in before some of the other things on the list, such as Focus, Serve, Idea and Persist, have a chance to affect your life and business.

    I’m sure if you asked another 8 successful people they would come up with 4 or 5 more things to add to the list.
    Teresa Williams recently posted… Graco Alano Baby Stroller Travel SystemMy Profile

  9. That was great! Thank you for sharing :)

  10. For me, the most important keys to success have been passion, focus and persistence. And persistence has been the most inmportant, by far, though losing passion is a sinker, too. Great encouraging post, Michelle!
    Jeanine Byers Hoag recently posted… A New Summer Capsule Wardrobe: Been Adding & Wearing Some New Things in My Capsule Wardrobe This WeekMy Profile

  11. Definitely agree with passion being number 1. I would move focus up to 2. Also, maybe you could squeeze knowledge in there? I run an options trading educational website, so when people come to me, the first thing they need is to get educated about options trading.

    Great list!!

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