1. This color things does work. My son, my admin, made mine blog banner bluish for trust.
    Loved the graphics.

  2. This is really a nice post. Very informative and very interesting too. Thank you for sharing this.

  3. Thanks for sharing Michelle!! I have taken some time off and this post really motivated me to start working on my site again…Thanks Again!!
    Jaime recently posted… 5 Business Blogs You Should Be ReadingMy Profile

  4. Michelle, I ‘m always fascinated in what colors mean and have changed my colors on a retail website to reflect a certain image and feel. I’m mostly using blues on many of my sites. I like to see customers being loyal and staying calm :)
    Lisa recently posted… Be Awesome And Buffer Your Shares Til The Cows Come HomeMy Profile

  5. One of my blogs is burgundy, green, and gray. The other is black and silver. I picked them because it felt right. I din’t think about what they represented, but it looks like I chose the right ones :) Maybe the burgundy should be more purple, but ‘every’ Pagan seems to use purple, so it gets a little old.
    Linda Ursin recently posted… What Now?! (spoken like a hormonal teenager)My Profile

  6. Thanks for bringing this post, it is timely now that blogging has become highly competitive.
    Pst Bless recently posted… How to Protect Your AdSense Account From Invalid ClicksMy Profile

  7. I am always like calm color. That’s why I choose blue :). It can represent me personally and how I recommend things.

    Thanks for this infographic Michelle
    Okto recently posted… Make More Money with MygigerrMy Profile

  8. I’ve seen the Color Emotion Guide before and am glad it says my colors indicate creative, imaginative & wise (purple) as well as trust, dependable and strength (blue – though mine is more of a teal). Interested to hear how you chose the brown, pink & blue combo (but I can’t make tomorrow’s presentation – hope there will be a replay).
    Debra Jason recently posted… The Miracle of Social Media & Boulder’s 100-Year FloodMy Profile

  9. I think color is an important thing for all the bloggers. To make your own blog gorgeous and attractive you have to choose the best color for your own.
    Jane Stevens recently posted… Beauty Routines to Maintain a Healthy and Radiant Looking FaceMy Profile

  10. Hello Michelle,
    This is indeed a nice and most interesting post for all bloggers to pay attention to.
    A blog with simple blog design and simple color that match will indeed make a blog unique.
    I love your blog new design, it looks funky and catchy :). Nice infograph… do have a nice week ahead.
    Babanature recently posted… A Stylish 3D Social Icons with Simple Spine Effect For Your BlogMy Profile

  11. What a great post. Thank you for sharing Michelle. I didn’t know what my color means and I chose it just because I liked it but now I know what it means, optimism, clarity and warmth and I have definitely chosen the right one. Thanks heaps. :)

  12. As a green marketing consultant and copywriter, I\’ve chosen green for most of my 16 or so sites. Green represents not only eco-awareness but also abundance/prosperity (as the color of money in the US–\”greenbacks.\”). This was quite deliberate and dates back to at least 2000 on my oldest site (which went live in 1996).Ps–Michelle, your new header logo is very cute.

  13. Colors are important. I have been told that blue and green (not together) are good colors for websites.
    Neil Butterfield recently posted… Zinc & Selenium: Boost The Thyroid With Zinc & SeleniumMy Profile

  14. I’m working on graphics and logos for my new brand. The colors for it are orange, green, and blue. Sounds like an odd combination, but it actually works. Chosen for what the represent. Happy=Orange, Money=Green, Flow=Blue. I want the brand to be cheerful, open, growing, trustworthy, so apparently, I chose the perfect colors for that according to this graphic!
    Gwynne Montgomery recently posted… Happy Makes You MoneyMy Profile

  15. Ours is predominantly orange and we chose it to give off positive and creativity vibes. :-)
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  16. I think I remember someone advising me about what colours to use, when painting my house. The only two colours that I remember are Red (which represents rage and passion) and Green (which is supposed to be a soothing colour). I never thought about how colours would affect people reading your blog! Fantastic post! Thanks for sharing and reminding me about the pyschological effects of colours!

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