What Does Success Look Like for Your Business?

You wouldn’t start a road trip across the country without a map. Or, you probably shouldn’t unless you don’t care where you end up. So even if you’re a care-free, by the seat of your pants type of woman, a business is best run with at least some basic goals in mind.

Where are you at in your business today? How much time do you spend working? How much profit are you generating?

Where would you like to be in your business? In 1 year? In 5 years? Long term?

Have you given yourself permission to reach these goals?

What would a perfect business day be like for you?

What would it take for you to get there? What changes do you need to make? How many sales do you need to make or how many clients do you need to serve?

What inspires you? What motivated you to choose the business you are working in? What keeps you motivated to continue to work in your business?

Having a vision is an essential key to success. When you know why you are working hard at your business, it’s easier to stay energized and excited about it. That energy and excitement helps carry you through the tough times.

Running your own business is not always “a bed of roses” as the saying goes. It’s a challenge, and it can be hard work. But the rewards are amazing when you are doing something that you’re truly inspired by.

I’ve heard seamstresses talk about the things they make and I can tell just by listening how much of their heart and soul goes into those products. The same thing applies to other crafts as well. For most women, a home based business is more than just a way to bring in an income, although income is a perfectly legitimate reason to be in business.

There’s that part inside that just “feels” right when you are doing what you love and making measurable progress towards your goals. That’s when managing and marketing your business becomes much easier.

Challenge: spend some time thinking what success looks like for you, then set goals for your business or review your existing goals.

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