What Does it Take to Succeed as an Entrepreneur?

What, exactly, does it take to succeed as an entrepreneur?

Earlier this month I shared some of the ways you can blog better, faster.  One of the strategies was to improve whatever skills you need to.

Monday we had a great discussion going on about college diplomas and whether they were necessary for success as an entrepreneur.  One common theme several smart commenters brought up was that the skills and self-confidence they developed as they pursued a degree were more useful than the actual knowledge they gained.

So let’s talk more about that mix of skills, strengths, and weaknesses.
What Are Your Strengths?

I think one of my greatest strengths has been a determination to make this work.  Bumps and even disasters along the way haven’t pushed me into giving up, at least not permanently.  I’m stubborn.  Bad quality in some situations, but a great quality for building a business.  Fall down 6 times, get up 7 times.

What strengths have you found helpful?  Do you know your own strengths or are you still learning to identify them?

Compensating for Weaknesses

There are some aspects of business I’m not good at.  I am terrible at networking in person.  For now, I tend to avoid that and compensate with internet marketing.

Have you found good ways to compensate for your weakness?  Permanently?  Or just while you strengthen them?

What Skills & Qualities Have Helped You?

As an entrepreneur, have you found certain skills or qualities have been useful?  What advice would you give to a new entrepreneur who’s looking to develop the skills needed to succeed?

Do you consider yourself a “typical” entrepreneur or does it often feel like you’re swimming upstream against yourself to create success?

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  1. It’s good to take an inventory of your strengths and weaknesses and make a plan on how to augment yourself.
    Nancy Rose recently posted… Appreciation with greeting cardsMy Profile

  2. What advice would I give a new entrepreneur? Don’t be too proud to ask for help, and don’t be too stubborn to change tact when you need too because nothing goes as planned.Also, keep your ears and eyes open at all times.
    My strengths: very disciplined and organized
    Weaknesses: too many to mention ;-)

  3. Strengths:
    Persistence, tenacious, hard worker, positive attitude, honor my self-promises, self-directed, life-long learner, risk taker, adventurous, disciplined, never give up
    Weakness: Trying to do it all alone, trying to do everything at once, wanting it to all come together, like NOW, weak on life balance….I know I have a lot more weaknesses…it’s all good. It will all work out in the end and if it is not working out…it isn’t the end!!! Thanks Michele!
    Julie Henderson recently posted… DEPRESSING YES, MOTIVATING YESMy Profile

  4. One area I realized I had failed in is trying to do too much at once. I have like 70 separate projects I have started but never finished. The blog challenge has been good as it forced me to concentrate on just one blog. I can now replicate any success and avoid the same failures for other projects I start – rather than replicating the same failures multiple times. So my recommendation is to focus on one thing first. Another area is time, task and project management – make sure you do work that counts. Time is precious.
    Danny recently posted… Synchronize Your iPhone, Google and Outlook CalendarsMy Profile

  5. Great things to think about Michelle.

    My strengths: Listening, organization, following through to completion, positive, encourager, tenacious, self-motivator.

    My weaknesses: Trying to do everything on my own, wanting to learn too much that keeps me unproductive in business, leader, creativity.

    Advice to new entrepreneurs: Don’t try to do it all yourself, find a niche you have passion about and love, stay balanced, must be a self-motivator.

    Thanks Michelle!
    Rhonda Neely recently posted… Why Do I Have to Make All the Decisions?My Profile

  6. You are right, Michelle, we need to first identify our skills and qualities. That is the first step. After we recognize them, we should start observing which ones needs improvement. I don’t think I am neccessarily an enterpreneur-I wouldn’t even call myself by that name, but I do try not to just swim upstream against myself in order to attain success. I just try to be the best posible in whatever I am doing. It’s that simple.
    Kristina L. recently posted… Scan Digital Coupon CodeMy Profile

  7. I think part of being an entrepreneur is being willing to reinvent yourself regularily depending on where your market goes. Always being willing to learn. Be as confident as you can be in your field.

    I’ve come up against the ceiling of trying to do too much often enough so I can see it and back out of things I can’t do.

    I’m a good listener but I also have lots of distractions. I’m disciplined as well.

    Thanks for your blog, Michelle.
    Patti Walbridge recently posted… Listings July 21My Profile

    1. So true – the only constant is change and we’ve got to be able to reinvent ourselves and keep learning as we go.

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