What to Do When What You’re Doing Isn’t Working Anymore…

When what you’ve been doing, that’s been working… stops…

What do you do next?

Click play and find out what I found worked:

Have you gotten stuck somewhere?  What solutions or actions helped get YOU unstuck?

Leave a comment and let’s chat!

P.S.  Yes… for some crazy reason I am taking the #100in72Challenge to create 100 videos in 72 hours – I’ve got until Friday… curious what I’ll share in video?  Just want to watch the trainwreck that may happen as I attempt this?  Subscribe to my YouTube channel (because I won’t be posting 100 blog posts in 72 hours)!

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  1. Awesome video Michelle and taking the challenge! I love the advice to reach out to those that have the information or experience and knowledge to get unstuck and reaching your goals. Congrats on your health, you are inspiring for sure!
    Lynn Brown recently posted… By: 5 Key Reasons Why Most People Never Make Any Money In Network MarketingMy Profile

    1. Thanks Lynn! I’m equal parts terrified and excited by the challenge (okay, okay that might be 40/60 but I’m not telling which way ;) ).
      Michelle Shaeffer recently posted… How to Share Your Blog on Social Media (Without Being Spammy)My Profile

  2. Michelle, I am so happy that you are on the right track to health! You are beautiful always and you are radiating now.

  3. YES! More healthy fats and nutritional content is the best way to lose weight because most people who gained lots of weight become calorie counters and your body thinks it’s starving and inflammation builds from processed low fat food. Count nutritional content. <3 the video!
    Joe Stauffacher recently posted… Capitalism – Think ConsciouslyMy Profile

  4. Good advice to seek out someone that has more experience of knowledge of what you need to know. That must be where mentors came from. I love you recording booth. Great idea to block out other distractions and frame your lovely face. Congrats on your success.

  5. What a great video!

  6. Great advice, Michelle. Sometimes we go too long doing the same thing over and over when we really need to stop and reach out to another person. Glad you found what’s working for you. I am trying some things you suggested to me at the Empower event as far as marketing my blog. I know I will be successful and confident once again.

  7. Love the video, love the message, love seeing and hearing you, my friend! I have been stuck, at a standstill, with attaining new clients. I did just as you suggest and have reached out to someone who has blazed the path I want to travel. My continued learning begins next week and I’m sooo excited to have the level of vibration raised once more. Great job on the video challenge. I’ve eased into mine this year…one a week to my list. It’s been an awesome ride and experience! All the best to you, Dear One.
    Peggy Lee Hanson recently posted… The Super Bowl XLIX FiascoMy Profile

  8. Great tips. I’ve heard of that before too. Great advice on getting more opinions on legal advice too, which recently am going through.
    Alecia Stringer recently posted… How To Use Leverage and CollaborationMy Profile

  9. Eating more is almost always the furthest thing from the mind when it comes to losing weight, lol. Glad you listened to someone else. Thanks for the lesson, Michelle!

  10. Love your content, design and your vision to achieve your goals.

  11. Hey Michelle! First of all big congrats on stinking with your goals!

    And your advice makes perfect sense!Try and find the best
    expert Coaching and Mentoring your money can invest in, no matter where you currently are in your entrepreneurial journey!

    And do your utmost best to follow their proven advice as closely and as
    often as you can!

    And just like your progress with your health plan, you’ll start to see the desired results in your business!

    Great stuff!Thanks so much for sharing!
    Mark recently posted… The Three Critically Important Marketing Secrets The Naked Cowboy Understands That You Probably Don’t!My Profile

  12. Awesome,..!!! Thanks for sharing.

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