What to Post on Your Facebook Fan Page – 11 Easy Ideas

When your Facebook fan page is new it can be challenging to figure out what to post. Here are 11 easy ideas to help you get started and generate content to interact with your fans.

Business News: Share any news related to your business. For example, upcoming events, a new location, new staff, changes to your website, appearances at local events, etc.

New Blog Posts: Use the NetworkedBlogs application to connect your website’s blog with your Facebook fan page and each time you post to your blog it will show up on your fan page as well.

New Products: Be sure to let your fans know when you’re introducing new products. Build anticipating by letting them know new products are coming, then announce when they’re ready for sale along with a link to the product on your website.

Sale Announcements: What’s your current special or sale offer? Share it will your Facebook fans. Let them know when you’ve got any special promotions going on.

Contests, Gifts, Other Promotions: Got something fun going on at your website or local retail location? That’s a perfect thing to share with your fans. Let them know of any contests, treasure hunt games, gift giveaways, sweepstakes, drawings, or other promotions.

Inspirational or Humorous Quotes: Depending on what type of business you run, you could post inspirational or motivational quotes, or post a joke now and then. Several pages I’m fans of post a joke or two a day and I look forward to catching them. They fit well with the personality of the business.

Press Releases: When you issue a press release, add a link to it from your fan page.

Media Features: If you’ve been quoted in the media, had a story written about your business, etc. share it with your fans.

Links to Reviews of Your Product/Service: Have your products or services been reviewed by a blogger lately? Post the link (assuming it’s a good review). Or post links to your reviews or feedback on MerchantCircle, Twitter, or other sites you’re active on. Of course, you can always share the not-so-good reviews as well and take it as an opportunity to share how you’re improving the product/service or help people better choose which of your products/services will work best for them, depending on what the particular issue was.

Miscellaneous Trivia or Questions: To encourage interaction with your fans you can also post miscellaneous trivia questions or random questions to get people posting their answers. Try trivia related to your business field or products in some way. Or just ask an easy to answer question that will get replies and help you get to know your fans.

Share a Tip: What are your most frequently asked questions? Or what information do you find yourself regularly sharing with your customers? Create a list of helpful tips and share one each day.

With these ideas you can create plenty of status updates for your Facebook fan page. You may want to setup a free account at HootSuite where you can pre-schedule your tweets so that you’ve got content set to update your fan page daily. Don’t forget to check back in with your fans and reply to any comments or questions they’ve added to your page.

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing these tips. I have a fan page but I haven’t put much on it besides my blog. Now I can start doing more with it. Also–just wanted to say that I like your site’s new design.
    Jeannette Koczela recently posted… How do you stay inspiredMy Profile

  2. Great tips Michelle. I have my own professional Facebook Page but I also manage a page for a business college and both of them are growing. I think the main reason is that there is real interaction happening.
    Danielle recently posted… List My 5 – New Site for ResidualsMy Profile

  3. Michelle – These are all great! I love the interaction that these ideas promote.
    I would agree with your philosophy here…I think if you are creating a community, then it is important to have the involvement of the people in that community.
    I’ve been kicking around an idea for a contest on my pages. That seems to be one that would be really fun for all involved. I also like the trivia questions.
    Your site is very resourceful and I know that your readers benefit.
    Many thanks!
    Mike Shippey recently posted… Counter PunchMy Profile

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