What’s Your Next Success?

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Written goals, strategy plans, dreams, vision boards… they’re all tools to help us get to our ultimate goals.

Those big goals can help us make it through the challenging moments, the tough times, and all those “gotta stick with it” moments as we keep moving forward.

But it can also get discouraging when the goals seem far away and they aren’t getting closer fast enough.

For just a minute, forget the 5 year plan, forget the big dreams.  What’s your very next success?

What’s an action step or goal you can achieve within the next 48 hours that will give you that inner confidence and feeling of accomplishment that you’ve reached a goal and are moving forward?

Choose a goal that’s a bit of a stretch but absolutely do-able and gets that energy and excitement into your work time.  Then find someone to hold you accountable to it and get it done.  What are you going to do?

To get to the big goals, work towards them one smaller step at a time, and celebrate every one of those successes.

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  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Terri Zwierzynski, Michelle Shaeffer. Michelle Shaeffer said: Blog: What's Your Next Success? http://bit.ly/gdxwAf #blogboost […]

  2. Michelle,

    This is so true. You can have long range goals but there are the steps for getting there. I like to call it targets and goals. I set up simple targets to meet that help me short and long range goals. I like to win. Especially when my successes are the ones I set out to accomplish.

    1. Great terminology, Sheila. Targets and goals.

  3. Good question! … Okay, just thought of something. Hopefully, I will get it done within the next 2 days. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Love it. Thinking too far in advance and looking at your five year plan can be debilitating. Lately, I’ve made some intentions but have let go of rigid goals and thinking. Life is more joyful, and crazily more stuff is happening!

    1. That’s great, Andrea! Sometimes I think we’re at a place where we really need more focus on one or the other — and that shifts as we move through stages, but just being conscious of which we need at the time can be so helpful.

  5. Great advise Michelle, thanks. I even encourage couples to use a vision board in the marriage.

    1. I’d never thought of using one that way, Rhonda. Excellent.

  6. You’re going to think I’ve “lost my marbles” (as the saying goes), but who’s to say I won’t get hit by a bus tomorrow?! Nothing wrong at all with having long term goals but I find life and business much more enjoyable and palatable in the short term. I’ll be feeling blessed when I awaken tomorrow to find I’ve been granted and graced with another day to embrace make the most of. :)

    Cool topic and concept, Michelle!

    1. Now there’s something to think about… if I didn’t make it past today would I consider my business a success… and what would I be leaving behind… hmm… I’m going to have to think of that one for a bit. :)

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