When You’re Not Feeling Brilliant

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What do you do when you aren’t feeling brilliant?  When technology isn’t cooperating, the ideas aren’t flowing, and things just aren’t working?

Sometimes that totally *blocked* feeling is a sign that we need to step away…

Put. down. the. mouse. and. back. away. from. the. computer.

It’s okay to give yourself a break.  If you’re feeling that way today, here’s permission to go do something FUN for a few minutes.

Since you’ve presumably got work to get done, don’t get lost for hours, but a short break to help you remember to breathe is good.  Then come back and tackle your to do list with renewed energy and creativity.

Oh, and after you take your break, then focus and get whatever you’ve got to get done completed.  If you need a kick in the pants go read this post by Chris Brogan about the myth of the perfect writing environment (it applies to other tasks, too… it’s really about excuses…)

If you give yourself a little break I’d love to hear what you do to recharge or relax.  Please share in the comments, maybe your relaxation method is just what another reader needs!

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  1. Oh Michelle, your posts are always so timely! I have been sitting here for the last hours trying to make this To Do List come out of my head on to my screen and its just NOT happening. Maybe the GF pizza I’m making for dinner will have much better luck getting completed…

    1. Can I come over for dinner? :D

      Yep, sometimes we just need a break.

  2. The thing that works best for me is to go for a walk in nature (but not when we have a ton of snow like now!). A drive often helps too and I seem to have a million ideas come to my mind while driving or walking. I also like to just get my head of of things by lighting some candles, reading or going to play with my grandson for a while.

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  4. Michelle,
    Two quick things you can do to recharge your brain is to drink water and eat a few walnuts. Brain needs to be hydrated and nourished for those thoughts to flow. The walnuts are in today’s post http://tinyurl.com/4j4da4q

    1. Thanks for sharing this, Joyce.

  5. Ha ha – how many times have I carried on regardless, knowing full well that a break is probally the most productive thing I can do… Thanks for the reminder!
    To recharge myself the best thing I do is have a delicious smoothie (preferably a green one!)…

  6. Technology has really been getting me down lately. And the more I stress over not being able to solve a technical issue, the more drained of energy and less creative I feel. So you’re right! I should take this as a sign and take a break.

    The switch to turn on my “brilliance” is definitely short-circuited as of late.

    I love the ideas people have shared here – take a walk, drink a smoothie, try walnuts and water, and even eat some pizza!

    I usually pick up the phone and call a family member or a friend. As I like to say, “It takes my mind off my mind”. :)

    1. Talking about something totally different can be a good thing — sometimes that’s when the solutions hit us. :)

  7. Michelle,

    I love to cook, it is very creative and fun. So I will get up and cook dinner.

    Take a walk is my number one thing to do when all is not going well. I love getting out and getting some space. When the weather is bad I will tackle a cleaning project I have neglect. Doing something physical works for me.

    1. Cleaning things out works for me, too. Something about getting organized and feeling in control of something makes me feel empowered and better able to tackle challenges.

  8. Shorts breaks are really nice sometimes, they give you a refresh of mind and new energy for work.

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