When’s the Last Time You Painted a Story? (And Didn’t Get Grounded)

Let’s get clear right now: I do NOT mean the kind of “story” which got us grounded as kids.

We need to talk about painting stories in our writing and weaving them into our blog posts. The true kind, okay?

Have you ever sat and listened to a presentation, read a blog post, or a book, that was about a topic you really wanted to know more about… but you found yourself falling asleep or totally distracted because it was so…

B… O… R… I… N… G…?

Stories are how to fix that.

When we share our truth, our perspective, we connect, we bond, we understand.

How many times have you been confused or upset, until you heard the “other side” of a story and realized there were factors you didn’t understand, pieces you didn’t see, or motivations you misread?

When it comes to building a blog that allows you to influence, persuade, and ultimately serve the world around you through your products/services… learning how to share a story that engages and draws in your reader, allowing her to see through your eyes… that’s one of the major keys to success.

So how do you do it?


I’m still learning how to weave stories into everything I do.

In our WebCast series “Ready, Ame, Fire”, Mars is constantly reminding me –

So what’s a good story?

• You’ve got a before, a change, and an after.

• It includes elements of a hero’s journey (even in a small way) or a transformation.

• It’s honest and relatable to your particular audience.

My challenge to you today is to weave a story into your next blog post – like I did in this one (it’s short, and right at the beginning): How to Fail Spectacularly at Blogging (Don’t Even Start a Blog if You Fit Into One of These 10 Categories)

And, how about you share your story of why you started your blog?

That’s an easy one, right, and great practice? Hit the comments box below…

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  1. I had written the book: Bible Passages That Can Influence Your Life. After reading the Bible from cover to cover 16+ times, I felt led to share some stories of how I relate the Bible to my own personal life in order to help others better relate to the Bible. I was having a difficult time sharing this information with others and a friend suggested that I share it with others through a blog. I was reluctant, at first, but it’s a very empowering experience. I can’t get too caught up in the stats and have to remember if any of the blogs I write help one person, then it’s significant!

  2. I learned the power of story through the Peace Circle event that turned into a tradition at my first high school as a school counselor. Since then, I have heard this over and over. I just presented at the national conference for high school counselors and story played a huge part in the breakout session I presented. Great reminder!

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