Who Wants Some Extra Holiday Cash? Try These 5 Fun Ways to Boost Your Sales

You don’t sell Christmas trees, menorahs, or candy canes.  If you act quick, you can still get in on the holiday season sales and make some extra cash for the holidays!

Try one of these fun strategies to boost your sales this holiday season:

1. Offer a Holiday Sale/Discount/Super-Bargain

Do you have a product that you could offer as a close-out (that you won’t be carrying into 2012)?  Or something you’ve not offered for sale but could for just a few weeks?

Be sure to offer upsell options (this means something like “add item X to your order for just $X more”).

Here are some helpful tips from Shannon Cherry about how to run a holiday sale — and what not to do: Mistakes to Avoid When Holding a Holiday Sale

2.  Position Your Product/Service as a Gift

Who could your product or service be the perfect gift for?  Get creative.

Could people purchase your service as a gift for their entrepreneurial friends?  Or a gift for their own business?

How about offering a “buy one, get a second bonus one!” with the spin that by buying one of your product or service, the client gets a second free to give as a gift for a friend.

3.  Offer Gift Cards/Certificates

Add the option to purchase gift cards or gift certificates to your website.  It doesn’t have to be complicated or involve programming and codes.  Just set it up as a product for the buyer to purchase and then send the info to them after purchase of how to share and redeem their gift purchase.

Think creatively and you can get in on the holiday sales season, too!

4.  Create Something New

Can you host a teleseminar, webinar, or quick workshop?  Take some of that brilliance in your brain and package it into a low-cost presentation for your audience.

5.  Leverage Your Affiliate Connections

Send your affiliates a special invitation to promote your holiday sale, special offers, or new product and give them a bonus if they promote you now.

Or find a great product or service that you can promote as an affiliate.   Write up a blog post, do a video review or send an email to your list sharing the item.  Bonus points if you can tie it into the holidays.

Click here for even more ways to boost your sales during the holidays.

Your Turn!

What sales have worked for you this time of year?  Or, what sales have motivated you to get shopping?

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  1. Hi Michelle

    Thanks for sharing this one. It’s nice to be reminded of what we can do to make a little cash at this time of year.

    I think it’s a time when people are finding it financially more difficult than any other time of year, so it may be a good time to sign people up into your network marketing programs.

    I hope you’re having an awesome day

    Your friend across the pond

    David Verney recently posted… Top Ten Blog Strategies for 2012My Profile

    1. Yes, this time of year many adults have budgets on their minds and may be looking for those types of opportunities.

      One great thing about being entrepreneurs — with some creativity we can create our own “Christmas bonus” checks.
      Michelle Shaeffer recently posted… 3 Steps to Creating Something to CelebrateMy Profile

  2. Great tips. I was once on Shannon Cherry’s list, back when I was totally clueless about internet market … I’m now in 3rd grade. Tip 2 and 3 are the easiest for me to implement and I’ve used them successfully before internet marketing. However, to grow myself and grow my business, I should try something new, yes.

    May all your celebrations be filled with love and laughter!
    Adalia recently posted… Harness the Power of Your Subconscious Mind to Achieve Your GoalsMy Profile

    1. Shannon’s a great teacher with a lot of expertise. :)

      Thank you for the holiday wishes! May yours be filled with good things, too. :)
      Michelle Shaeffer recently posted… How to Boost Holiday Sales Even if You Don’t Sell FruitcakeMy Profile

  3. Thanks Michelle for this wonderful tips on how to get money for this season, i remember last year before near Christmas time, me and my wife offers a goods beauty products with a special price and give away, a simple token and really appreciated our customers, Before Christmas and New year we’re planning to do it again. So far right now we’re getting orders from our friends and others customers we have before.
    elpidio recently posted… How to Read EcclesiastesMy Profile

    1. That’s a great way to get back in touch with your customers — offer them a special holiday deal. :) Smart plan, Elpidio!
      Michelle Shaeffer recently posted… Go Infograph Yourself! (Weekend Fun)My Profile

  4. I recently sent a BOGO buy one get one free offer to my list. This is another way to do it. I also have a product that I may turn into a membership site, so it may be another idea for me.

    But what has worked better was a discount on my coaching program.

    Franck Silvestre recently posted… How To Build A List of 2000 Subscribers For Free In 3 Easy Steps!My Profile

  5. what a great idea, Michelle, I could prepare some certificates to hand my clients for a FREE strategy session they could offer to a person they care about! thank you so much you gave me a great idea!

  6. Great strategies Michelle. Creating something new is one of the best things you can do around the holidays for your list. With New Years comes the need to change and improve and I find people are more open to teleseminars and workshops going into the new year.

  7. Great post Michelle!

    This should be the things b2b marketers should do. Shoppers during holiday season are looking for merchandise which offers discounts for them and for entrepreneurs seeking for great income during holiday season, should grasp the opportunity.
    Barbara McKinney recently posted… Choosing the Right Company Enables a Successful IT Telemarketing CampaignMy Profile

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