Why Isn’t Anyone Commenting On My Blog?

Have you asked that question lately?  It’s discouraging to blog and not get responses, I know.  So let’s look at what causes it and how to fix it.

Let’s start with the easy to fix technical issues…

Here are some reasons you may not be getting comments:

1.  No Traffic

Problem: Before you assume people are reading your posts and not commenting, check your stats and make sure you’re driving traffic to your site.

Also remember that the majority of readers will not comment.  It’s just the way blogging works.  So even if you aren’t getting comments, you’ve probably got people reading silently — don’t despair!

Solution: Drive more traffic to your website.  There are lots of options.

2.  The Wrong Traffic

Problem: If you are getting lots of traffic but not getting many comments the next question I’d ask is where are you promoting your blog?  Are you driving targeted traffic to your blog?  If you’re blogging about cats but trying to drive traffic from a motorcycle forum… uh… see the disconnect?

Solution:  Look for ways to promote your blog where you’re reaching the right people.  Profile your ideal reader then seek them out online and connect with them.

3.  It’s Hard to Comment

Problem:  No one comments because they don’t have the patience to figure out how!!

Are you forcing commenters to create accounts or login before they can leave their thoughts?  Got lots of anti-spam measures in place like boxes to check, captchas to fill in, or multiple layers of approval?  Most people won’t comment if you don’t make it easy.

Solution: Free your comments.  Use these tips.

And now let’s look at some other reasons…

4.  No One Else is Commenting

Problem:  No comments.  Yeah, this is another sad but true fact.  We tend to want someone else to start the conversation, and once we see action happening we’ll all jump in.

Solution:  Get some comments happening!  You can join a blog comment tribe, get together with a few blogging friends and agree to comment on each others blogs, or even have your virtual assistant leave a comment to start the conversation.

Look for ways to reward your blog commenters, too, to motivate them to comment and keep them coming back.  (Tips here!)

5.  You’re Not Asking for Feedback

Problem:  Readers don’t know what to comment about.

Are you giving people something to comment on?  I often read posts and have a tough time figuring out what to comment on because there’s no feedback request or question that I can answer.

Solution: Make it easy!  Ask a question or two at the end of your post.

6.  You’re Asking for Too Much Feedback

Problem:  I don’t know where to begin to leave a comment without spending the next 20 minutes on your blog.

Don’t ask me what my political views are.  That’s far more complicated than I have time to explain in one blog comment.  Instead ask something specific like what my opinion of a particular bill or protest is.

Solution:  Specific questions are easier to answer.  Open-ended is fine, but make it something that’s easy to and I’m much more likely to respond.

7.  It’s So Personal, I’m Not Sure What to Say

Problem:  Sometimes I just don’t know what to say in response to a very personal blog post.  Expect that if you post very personal things you may either light a fire in your comments section and get tons of replies, or you may get none at all.  Again, it doesn’t mean people aren’t reading, so don’t take it personally.

Solution:  Just be aware of this is the only advice I’ve got here.  Don’t go deep into personal angst in every post (unless that’s your thing and then you can make it work for you–a lot of this is dependent on what your readers expect).

8.  It’s So Comprehensive, I’m Not Sure What to Say

Problem:  If the only thing I can think of to say at the end of reading your post is, “Wow, awesome post!”  I might comment… but I’ll feel kind of silly.  This stops a lot of people from commenting.

Solution:  When you’ve written something really detailed and focused, make sure that you’re still leaving room for people to share their own thoughts in one way or another — maybe ask a question or encourage readers to pick one point/link/etc in your post that was helpful for them.  Give them an easy way to comment insightfully.

What do you think?

Do you catch yourself making any of these mistakes?

Do these 8 things keep you from commenting on blogs?

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  1. Hi Michelle, this was so helpful and good food for thought. I think the one area that might be problematic for me is that I do sometimes share very personal things. I’ve been learning to put those more as stories into a more universal blog post that is helpful for others. That seems to have done the trick. As a commenter, I have a hard time with some blogs that don’t just allow me to leave my name, email, and URL. I don’t like having to sign up for other ID’s related to other blogging platforms that I don’t use. I like to keep it simple with my on-line stuff. So, I tend not to comment on those types of blogs. Thanks for making me think :)
    Lisa recently posted… 7 Ways to Quickly Get Unstuck!My Profile

    1. I’m the same way. I’ve already signed up with wordpress.com, disqus.com, got an open ID, etc. I reeeally don’t want to sign up for yet something else just to leave a comment.

      That’s a great approach to take with personal stories — bring the “big picture” in of how it affects others or how they may have gone through similar, and that can help people find their value in the post (and comment).
      Michelle Shaeffer recently posted… Speedy Fast Blog PostsMy Profile

  2. Michelle, you are so generous with your “actionable” expertise thanks so much for your sharing and helpful nature. RT’d
    Tor Constantino recently posted… Are You a "Night Before" or "Morning Of" Person?My Profile

    1. Thanks, Tor, I appreciate your sharing this, and the kind words. :)
      Michelle Shaeffer recently posted… Why Isn’t Anyone Commenting On My Blog?My Profile

    2. As a brand new blogger, I have to say Thank You as well! I’m still getting the hang of tying everything together using Facebook, Twitter, etc. I’ve also used theblogfrog.com to start driving traffic, but any other tips on driving traffic to new blogs would be great too! Thanks!
      Elaine recently posted… Hello, stranger! Betty Gregg, Florence, SCMy Profile

      1. I’ve got an account over at The Blog Frog but I haven’t learned the site too well, yet. Thanks for the reminder to check it out, Elaine.
        Michelle Shaeffer recently posted… How to Customize the Photo Strip on Your Facebook Fan PageMy Profile

  3. Wow, that’s Awesome!
    Hehe. :)

    I can’t wait for the day I need a spam filter. Thanks for all the super-links to the plug-ins and stuff to make our blogs better. Now I need to go back to my blogs and make sure I asked questions today.
    Amethyst recently posted… My Life Went into ReRuns!My Profile

    1. Fighting spam is one of those mixed blessings, isn’t it? It’s great that we’ve got comments enough to need it. :)
      Michelle Shaeffer recently posted… Weekend Fun: 101 Awesome Marketing QuotesMy Profile

  4. One thing we have been doing is to get relatives and friends to create the first comment to get around “I don’t want to be the first” issue. Also the Comment Luv plugin helps with the “what is in it for me if I comment” question.
    Danny & Maggie recently posted… Famous Quotes About Life And LoveMy Profile

    1. Hi Danny & Maggie, How are you getting friends and relatives to create the first comment? Just curious as 99% of my friends and relatives just don’t read my blog or even understand how to comment. Maybe I should give them a tutorial.

      1. Your right Traci. It is easier with friends or relatives who have blogs or read blogs.
        Danny & Maggie recently posted… Your Brand – First Impressions and Bad PressMy Profile

    2. I <3 CommentLuv! A few months back I briefly switched to Disqus to test it out and I got less comments (even though I had it set to very open so no login was required). I suspect it was the lack of CommentLuv at least partially.
      Michelle Shaeffer recently posted… Blog Post Brainstorming Made EasierMy Profile

  5. I started using communities that comment on each other’ blogs which provided me some insight. Love your ideas. There are always people who are fine to comment first, and other that wait.
    Nancy Rose recently posted… Remove Blocks to a Healthy RelationshipMy Profile

    1. Yes, some people do like to be the “first!” commenter. Getting a couple of those types to find your blog can be very helpful. :)

      I love the blog commenting groups I belong to. They’re very helpful.
      Michelle Shaeffer recently posted… It’s Check Up Time for Your BlogMy Profile

  6. Yes, they do keep me from posting to other blogs Michelle.

    One of the problems I have with visitors posting on my blog is… it is about job search assistance and many people want to keep it confidential. It is the same with my FB page, I don’t get to many posts. BUT, I do know that I get lots of traffic and “private” emails making comments, etc.

    I guess it is the nature of my business. :-).

    As always, thanks for the post!

    1. Hi Candace, in your specific situation, it might make sense to consider allowing anonymous comments. :)

  7. I do seem to attract spam, most of which appears to be automated, however on occasions a genuine post creeps in there! Michelle, thank you for this very helpful post, which has given me a lot to think about.
    Sue Walker recently posted… Have a credit-free holiday!My Profile

    1. Yes, much of the icky spam is just robots. But the genuine comments are wonderful. :)
      Michelle Shaeffer recently posted… Why Isn’t Anyone Commenting On My Blog?My Profile

  8. I’d like to think my posts are so comprehensive and clear that people feel nothing else is needed – ROTFL :-D

    I have made these mistakes and then some. A big difference was joining a blogging tribe. Your comment about traffic is right on, Michelle. There are some great platforms out there if you participate. I try to narrow my focus so I get some solid followers.

    I also find I’ve gotten better at asking specific questions that are more likely to be commented on. Now if I can just figure out how to get people to answer polls. Ideas? :-)

    If you agree, vote yes
    If you disagree, vote no

    Cathy Miller recently posted… Look Who’s a Google+ PioneerMy Profile

    1. Me, too. I still have to remind myself to go back and see if I’ve included a question or something to comment on every time I blog. :)

      On polls or surveys I’ve found giving away a freebie helps, as does keeping it really simple — the one or two question ones get more response for me than 4+ questions. I’ve also had better responses with questions/polls on Facebook than on my own blog.

      1. Interesting-I hadn’t thought of Facebook. Thanks, Michelle.
        Cathy Miller recently posted… Look Who’s a Google+ PioneerMy Profile

  9. Some great points, Michelle. I sometimes think what you have mentioned when I go to a post.. so as a commenter, I try to make sure that I add more than one line responses. I have also experienced not knowing what to comment.

    I will use your tips here to keep me heading down the right path of getting comments!
    Holly recently posted… 17 Seconds Is All It TakesMy Profile

    1. It’s challenging to leave a good comment sometimes, isn’t it? I hate to say “Hey, great post!” but I also hate to read without commenting… so I know our readers appreciate it when we make it easier for them to comment. :)
      Michelle Shaeffer recently posted… It’s Monday. Do You Know Where Your Focus Is?My Profile

  10. I agree. I Sometime I give up when I really wanted to comment because of having to log in and go through a myriad of steps.
    Ali Bierman recently posted… Friendships: What Are Friendships About – Really?My Profile

    1. I do, too, Ali. I’ve got to REALLY want to comment to fool with all those steps.
      Michelle Shaeffer recently posted… Why Should You Be Blogging?My Profile

  11. One thing that you taught me was when someone comments, respond to the comment. The one thing I really dislike is sites where there are so many comments that I feel like no one will care what I say so why bother.
    And then there are some of the “big” guys who never comment – seems a bit of arrogance
    The Ultimate Blog challenge and T.L.C. groups are 2 of the best things I ever joined for increasing traffic – Thank you for your work there.

    1. Very true, Roberta. If the blogger isn’t reading/responding to comments, it does make it feel like they don’t care. Especially when we’re just getting started it’s so important to reply and interact. :)

      As for bigger blogs, there are some I never comment on for that reason. Others, even though they can’t respond to every comment, do read them and respond to some, at least questions, and that makes me more likely to comment.
      Michelle Shaeffer recently posted… Smile With Your Blog CommentsMy Profile

      1. Michael Hyatt’s blog is a FABULOUS example of a big name blogger who comments. He doesn’t comment on everything obviously but he addresses issues, answers questions – I think the difference is being active in the comments.

        I have one very faithful commenter and I thanked her about a month ago PUBLICLY on the blog for being so encouraging – she said to me that she LOVED it.
        Marcia Francois, Organising Queen recently posted… Do you have a life list?My Profile

        1. That’s wonderful, Marcia. Encouraging our commenters goes a long ways toward keeping them around and gaining new commenters.

          Smart approach for a big name blogger. :)

  12. This is AWESOME!! So many people wonder how and why and you just laid it all out for them!! This is so great… and it reminded me of some things I need to get going with :)

    SEO Marketing recently posted… How To Get To The Top Of GoogleMy Profile

    1. Thanks, Brandy, I’m glad this was helpful.
      Michelle Shaeffer recently posted… Weekend Inspiration: What’s Inside of You?My Profile

  13. Thanks for this great post, it can be very frustrating sometimes. I tend to get more feedback on facebook or twitter pages rather than on my blog posts. Great advice.
    Toni recently posted… A Tempo Run with Minimalist SneakersMy Profile

    1. That’s a common challenge, Toni. You might look at some of the options for getting those comments to show up on your blog like the Facebook commenting plugin. If the conversation is happening there, you can get it on your blog that way.
      Michelle Shaeffer recently posted… Stuck in the Bermuda Triangle of Productivity?My Profile

  14. Awesome tips, Michelle! I, too, have read posts, but it has been difficult to comment when there isn’t anything set up to do so or…I have to sign up. Don’t like that. I usually go back to UBC group and post a comment there…but it is not the same for the people receiving. The other thing is, it takes time to go through the blogs…there are a lot!! I usually snoop around the UBC group when I post and try to do my best to contribute. We do what we can do :)
    Julie Henderson recently posted… YOU BELIEVE WHAT YOU SAYMy Profile

    1. Yep, I do the same, Julie. Especially when I’m browsing blogs during a challenge. I want to hit as many as I can and if I have to jump through hoops, the chances are much lower that I’ll comment.
      Michelle Shaeffer recently posted… Free & Royalty Free Music ResourcesMy Profile

  15. What stops me the most is when it’s hard to comment. I won’t log in or jump through hoops to leave a comment. Sometimes I just have nothing to say (I’m not sure if it’s because the post is too comprehensive or not). As others have said, I don’t want to just say, “Great post.” If it’s someone I know well, I’ll come back to it later and comment once I’m in a different frame of mind.
    Leanne Chesser recently posted… Self Esteem Building Activities: Catch Your Negative ThoughtsMy Profile

    1. I try do that too, Leanne. I’ll leave a browser tab open so I can come back when I come up with something to say. :)
      Michelle Shaeffer recently posted… Why Should You Be Blogging?My Profile

  16. Michelle, I need to print this out and keep it by my computer!

    I’m guilty of several of these things. I try not to answer every single question in a post, in order to leave unanswered questions for comment material. And I do delve into personal issues every now and then; I tell myself I’m not in it for the comments, but to let readers know they’re not the only ones going through difficulty. Thanks for sharing your expertise! Susan

    1. That’s a great reason to blog — and I’m sure many people are helped and encouraged, even if they aren’t commenting every time, Susan. :)

  17. Thanks Michelle,

    I started a ‘Blogging & Comment Exchange’ blogging group on Facebook and have joined my friend’s group as well. I now have some great comments on my blog. It’s fairly easy to leave a quick, positive comment and it does go a long way to promote your own blog. Here is the link to our group.
    https://www.facebook.com/groups/TheBlogandCommentExchange?ap=1 I do have a call to action on the bottom of each post and I monitor my traffic. Looks like you do a great job promoting yours.

    1. It is and it does! :) Thanks for the link – I’ll check it out and I’m sure the readers and commenters here will be interested, too.

  18. Thanks for the information! I also struggle with this and have joined a tribe, a networking website, and I use Comment Luv, which is great. I guess my next struggle is how to get people to subscribe!
    Thanks again – very helpful info!
    Suerae Stein recently posted… Confessions of a Gymnastics MomMy Profile

    1. You’re doing all the right things, Suerae — you’ll see results! :) And yes, the subscription part is a good one to work on, getting those regular readers really helps boost comments.
      Michelle Shaeffer recently posted… Yes, Social Networking WorksMy Profile

  19. Great post, Michelle! I think that I have definitely been amazed at some of the comment trends on my blog post. Sometimes, you think you are posting something that will be sure to get a lot of comments, but it really doesn’t. One thing that I’ve found it works best is finding your niche. Mine tends to be more broadly defined (events in my everyday life), but this if I can’t find a way to go back to everyday life (or as I referred to it in a webinar, a “Seinfeld” blog in the sense that I look for little events that others may miss), there are times when it is a lot harder to get comments. One of my most popular blog posts was about a trip to the library.

    I’d also recommend guest posting. This way, you are seen in places where different people read, and some of them might be new readers who say, “Wow, this is some great information. I’m going to check out this person’s blog for more.”
    Steve Nicholas recently posted… Click and PrioritiesMy Profile

    1. Isn’t that funny? I have the same thing happen here, Steve. Sometimes I’ll post something that I don’t think will hit big and it gets more comments than usual. Always interesting to watch those trends.

      Guest posting rocks — awesome tip, thanks!
      Michelle Shaeffer recently posted… Online Business Tool Roundup–What Are Your Favorites?My Profile

  20. This information was so helpful. As you can tell from the Top Commentator widget, I find commenting easy. But I guess all people don’t feel that way. I do know that some sites are just too hard to comment on. It isn’t worth the time and effort. I also know that some sites never acknowledge any of the comments that are left. I don’t need a response to everything or even most things…but an occassional, “Hey I’m glad you liked my post.” would be nice. You are always wonderful about comments…..a few others need to take lessons. If Seth Godin can find time to comment…they can too! Another thing I have found is that some people only ask for comments on what they are trying to sell to you. If I’m a reader trying to get tips….not purchasing, I would have nothing to comment on.

    Thanks again for a great post.
    Robin Smith recently posted… 7 Essential Sites for Beginning BloggersMy Profile

    1. Great point, Robin! If our blog is just constantly sales pitch after sales pitch, that’s not a great comment attractor… ;)
      Michelle Shaeffer recently posted… Better Mistakes?My Profile

  21. I actually have some people leaving comments every day.. Even though I never give them the light of day they keep blasting comments. What I especially enjoy are folks who try and leave comments under a dozen or so different gmail accounts as if somehow the lame comment is going to be less lame under a different email address, or IP address for that matter. my site http://tinyurl.com/76xmpkw
    Jeriea Smith recently posted… how to Challange Your negative core belief by experimentMy Profile

  22. Great thoughts about getting more comments! I appreicate you taking the time to post this and I will try to use it to increase my comments!

  23. Great thoughts about getting more comments! I appreciate you taking the time to post this and I will try to use it to increase my comments!

  24. Thanks so much for this post. Getting people to comment has been such a struggle. Definitely gave me a few ideas!
    Ashley S recently posted… Fiberon Kindle Fire GiveawayMy Profile

  25. A combination of number 5 and number 8 is the main reason I don’t comment on blogs. Also, if there are a hundred commenters sometimes I won’t comment because I don’t have time to read all the other comments, and I don’t want to repeat something that’s alread been said.
    Lauren Shearer recently posted… Deadly Deadlines (Part 1)My Profile

  26. Great tips Michelle! My errors are not being sure anyone is commenting (asking my VA to post is a great idea!), not writing consistently enough and not doing enough to drive traffic to my blog. I am always so amazed and impressed by those who write so much great content so regularly. I intend to be such a person someday soon :)

  27. I am new to blogging and affiliate marketing. Just got up and running in January. I am trying everything to build traffic and quality comments. One guru told me not to worry if people are not commenting as long as they are buying your product. I guess it’s a girl thing, but I want comments!!! But all I was getting was that dadgum spam. At first I was so excited people were commenting and I was responding to everyone of them. But very soon realized non of the comments made any sense. I hate spam! So, I installed the captcha and now I have no comments at all. I think I am going to take it off. Newbie loosing her mind!! Would love a visit from you and get some feedback??????

    1. I deactivated the capcha and now I have 20 – 30 spammers a day! lol oh well a necessary evil.
      Susie recently posted… Colorful Closet OrganizersMy Profile

      1. Hi Susie, my suggestion would be to try the GASP spam plugin. It’s free and works as well as a captcha for me, but without being quite so difficult for visitors.

        1. Thank you, I was trying to figure out which one you were using! I appreciate the reply
          Susie recently posted… Colorful Closet OrganizersMy Profile

  28. Hello Michelle Shaeffer. you are written very well and easily describe the problem which is faces most of the people. even i also faces that kind of problem lots of time. I think commenting is the bet option to increase traffic.
    Shanta D’suza recently posted… Five Great Tips To Increase Facebook Like And Facebook FanMy Profile

  29. Hello, thank you so much for the advice. I guess I am so excited about blogging. I will take a look at what I am blogging about and make sure it is appealing to my audience. Thanks again.

  30. Very true and informative! Thanks for the tips. Now I know how to get more comments to my blog. I will follow these and big thanks to you if I can achieve the comments that I want to gain !
    April recently posted… Business Process Outsourcing: The Key To Your Business!My Profile

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