Quick Guide to Writing a Persuasive Sales Page [Infographic]

Our clients don’t want our products or services… they want the result we help them achieve, the feeling we help them create, or the dream we help them fulfill.

Do you want to spend hours learning the technical details and tools for SEO?  Probably not… but you do want more traffic to your website so you can get more readers, grow your community and build a successful blog or business, right?

So what am I selling if I offer SEO services or training?

Not SEO, not if I want people to actually jump in and become clients!

I’m selling training or services that will help my clients get more traffic that allows them to grow their community and build a successful business so they can create the freedom and lifestyle they want.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • What do I sell?
  • What does it do for my clients?
  • Why does that matter?
  • How is their life better after they have that result?

Once you’ve got those answers figured out, you’re ready to write a sales page, handle a sales call, or otherwise invite clients to work with you – because you’re seeing from their perspective what matters most!

Infographic Source: Visualistan & EnchantingMarketing.com

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