How to Take a Quick, Relaxing Yoga Break at Your Desk [Infographic]

Working from home has it’s positives and it’s negatives…

Sitting at your desk (or on your couch, or working from your bed) all day…

Nice for comfort but not so nice for the movement and exercise you need!

But on a positive side, you can easily do desk yoga without any co-workers (other than your pet) judging you!  ;)

Here’s a quick guide you can follow with 9 simple yoga moves you can do to relax and move your body, without pulling out a yoga mat, heading to the gym, or finding a lot of extra time in your day.

And check out the bottom of the infographic, with easy ways to get active, plus ways big companies are helping employees fit in mini health breaks.  If they can do it, certainly you can do it, too!

Source: Entrepreneur Magazine

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  1. Hello Michelle,

    This was fun reading over here :)

    Indeed sitting all day long in front of our computers, could sometime can cause us serious health problems, so its better
    to be in shape and fit for both mental and physical strength.

    Now this sounds awesome, performing Yoga without pulling out the mat, just by sitting on to the chair and performing yoga
    moves to stay fit.

    I love the seated twist and Hip opener, as sitting all day long on my chair get me pain in the back and hips are like
    sticked on to the chair.

    Thanks for the share.

    Shantanu Sinha recently posted… Why use Twitter for marketing your small businessMy Profile

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