YOU Are Enough

We worry that we aren’t “enough” or aren’t “ready” to step up.

A few weeks ago when I blogged about not sending out a particular promotional email, one of the comments was from someone who worried she’d be bothering her list, too.

I’m subscribed to her list!  I was able to say (okay, beg) as a subscriber that I wanted her to email me.  I wanted reminders to check out her blog and learn more about how to dress stylishly (because I’d live in denim skirts, t-shirts, and a pony tail for every occasion if it were totally up to me and since I’m no longer 14 so I probably need to reconsider that).  Almost every time I get an email from her in my inbox I click through to check out her website and get a little more inspiration to find a style that fits me.

We worry about what we’re sending our lists.  But they subscribed by CHOICE.  They want to learn more from us.  Isn’t that awesome?

They’re your fans.  Go be their rockstar.  Your stage is waiting.

Whether you’ve got 10 fans or 10,000 fans, they’re waiting for what’s next from you.  You don’t need Adonis DNA, a dress made of meat, or pointy ears like Spock.  Okay, maybe just the pointy ears.  Just be you.  But louder.

Ignore the butterflies.  I get those same butterflies about blogging.  What if I can’t deliver something good enough?  I’ve got to remember that all my visitors are here by choice.  You like learning from me or you wouldn’t stick around and read.   (The same is true of your blog readers, newsletter subscribers, and other connections, by the way.)

So thank you for sticking around to read my blog. I appreciate that you’re allowing me to be part of your online business success!

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  1. Hi Michele.
    Thank you, I needed that! I LOVE your blog and rarely miss a post :D

  2. Hi Michelle,

    Everything you said really resonated with me. I’m often split between worrying that i’m not emailing my list enough or that i am emailing them to much or that i am not giving them content they want to read. Thanks for the reminder that they made the choice to engage with me and continue to do so.

    And for the record i think you provide amazing content.

    1. Thanks, Lia.

      And it’s a tough balance to find, but I’ve found most of the time our lists are forgiving and flexible. :)

  3. I think once people start to notice some success – whether that is traffic, sales or opt-ins, we worry about losing it or not utilizing it as best as possible. It’s a worthy concern to have but it shouldn’t hold you back!
    Matt recently posted… Motivational Posters For Your OfficeMy Profile

    1. Yep, you’ve hit the nail on the head, Matt – can’t let it hold us back.

  4. Thank you! This is a great reminder to do what I do :)

    1. You’re welcome and yes, keep doing what you do!

  5. Hi Michelle, this post has really inspired me, inspired me to get moving. I’m just beginning to build a list and I get that butterfly feeling when I ponder what to put in it. It’s always that old I good enough… thanks for the reminder that people DO want to hear from us,

    1. Awesome! :) Glad it was inspiring, Eleanor.

  6. Hello Michelle,
    It took me a while to realize this, but you’re so right. They are there for a reason – They Want To More!!

    Great post,
    Tammy Matthews recently posted… Learning From Our Failure Creates Our Success!My Profile

  7. Oh my god, Michelle, and I still haven’t done it. I was watching some TV show last night and twice someone said, “there just might be something wrong with you!” That’s how I feel right now.

    It’s in my head, though, to create some kind of newsletter, so hopefully the germination time will be shorter rather than longer and I will do it. But I still have those feelings so thanks for this encouraging post!!
    Jeanine Byers Hoag recently posted… Vote for Me for Best Plus Size Fashion Blog for the 2011 Black Weblog AwardsMy Profile

    1. I opted-in to your autoresponder again to get that series it sends at the beginning. lol I love it but I need more reminders! :)

  8. Thank you! For a long time I worried that I was saying the same things so many other people were. Who would want to come and read my blog, get coaching from me or anything else when there are sooo many others doing the exact same thing.

    I realized I wasn’t practicing what I was preaching. Or rather walking my talk, or talking my walk… whichever way you want to put it! I tell all my coaching clients they are special, that even if they are 1 out of thousands of coaches, counsellors, realtors, bloggers… that people come to them because of WHO they are, because of that special spark that shines in them that is different from any other person on the planet.

    We all have it, no one doesn’t, absolutely no one is without that spark or they wouldn’t be alive. Let people see it. Like you say Michelle, if someone is signed up on your list it is because they CHOSE to be, they WANT to hear from you!

    Thank you for the amazing reminder. I’m going to go and email my followers. :)
    Melanie Schroeder recently posted… An easy way to make more moneyMy Profile

  9. Love this post Michelle – Today I was thinking – there is no way I can do this – they [people locally or online] are so much better at it than I – We each have our talents-gifts and it is okay to earn a living from those gifts-talents. I don’t have to feel guilty about that. Thanks for sharing. I’m not too sure I’m a rockstar maybe more of a song bird :)
    Sara recently posted… WIP WednesdayMy Profile

  10. This is so so inspiring. :) Most of the times i have this feeling of fear, that i won’t be enough and i will never be enough. But you know you’re right… that’s wrong…. i have to believe in my self that i am worthy enough. I gotta prove that i am enough as a blogger, as a lover, or whatsoever. I have to stand up for myself because if not, who else will? If i am really good at something, i don’t have to flaunt it… because i am sure that if i am worthy enough… it will reflect on the reactions of the people around me. Great post… continue the good work.
    mel recently posted… 8 Tips on Exciting and Effective Dates- Make Your Partner Love You Even More!My Profile

  11. Thank you for this post. This is so true. I have recently started following a few people and getting more involved in blogging. Eventually I would like to leave a day job and do it full time. But I know that will take time and work to get to that point. But I anxiously read what the people I am following send out. When it isn’t received, I start to wonder about them, their blog, etc.

    I have only been looking at it fromt he consumer point of view. Not thinking about my consumers who are waiting for my next post. I have several blogs and the one at work hasn’t received much attention lately and I need to address that because that is the area where I have the biggest following.

    I was also able to relate as a writer of blog posts. Sometimes I think, oh will they be upset with another post so soon. Or their probably too busy to read today, maybe I should wait till tomorrow. I need to post often and as much as possible. Your post made me realize how important it is to keep the engagement constant.

    Thanks again for a great post.
    Robin Smith recently posted… Why am I starting a blog?My Profile

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