You Asked… Plugins I Use (Part 2)

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Yesterday I shared part 1 of the plugins I use on my WordPress blog.  Here’s the rest of the list!

nrelate Related Content: If you look at the very bottom of a post on my blog you’ll see this plugin in action.  It shows several thumbnail images and titles linking to related posts.  I moved it so that it appears below everything else.  Other similar plugins are LinkWithin and Yet Another Related Post.  (Shel Horowitz introduced me to this plugin.)

SexyBookmarks: One of my favorites, this is the sharing plugin that has the little images that jump when you touch your mouse to them.  It’s fun.  It’s eye catching.  And when I switched from a less noticeable one to this one, my stats showed more people sharing my posts.

TinyMCE Advanced: Small upgrades to the built in WYSIWYG editor.  I still have some issues with this one when I have specific formatting I want, but it’s better – I can choose fonts, sizes, etc.  If anyone’s got suggestions on other options for the WYSIWYG I’d be very interested!

Top Commentators Widget:  Look to the right for the “Chatty” box to see what this plugin does.  You can tell it how many people to show and whether to show their photos.  Great way to reward and feature your top commenters.

TweetMeMe Retweet Button: Top right of all my posts have this button so they’re easy to retweet.  It shows how many times a post has been tweeted, too.

Twitter Tools: Automatically sends a tweet to Twitter from my account when a new blog post goes live on my blog.

W3 Total Cache: This is a caching plugin that makes static HTML versions of your blog posts/pages so everything loads faster.  WP Super Cache is an alternative. Stats: Easy integration with the stats tracking.

WordPress Editorial Calendar:  Awesome, awesome plugin if you write posts ahead of time (you do, because it makes life so much easier, right?).  Amy Sue told me about this one.  You can drag and drop to re-order which dates you want posts to go live on, and see a whole month at a time.

WP-Cumulus: Takes the boring tag cloud and makes it into the visually interesting spinning one you can see on the right side of this page under “What I’m Blogging About.”  Fat Cloud also makes a very cool tag cloud animator plugin.

EzineArticles: Makes it easy to submit my blog posts as articles into the system.

WP Security Scan: Great plugin for basic WordPress security.

What’s missing from my lists? Got any great plugins or widget-y features you love that you want to share?  Put ’em in the comments and I’ll compile another post with a list of everyone’s suggestions, with credit to you for your comment and a link to your website.

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  1. I love this list (both parts)! Really helpful to see the ones you use. I use some of them already but will try out others. A problem I have with the TweetMeme button is that when the blog feeds to my Facebook page that’s all you see – the blog title and the tweet button. It doesn’t include a blurb of the blog and I can’t figure out why not. Oh well, it’s on my list to fix. :-)
    Evelyn Roberts Brooks recently posted… Are all relationships stressfulMy Profile

    1. Try this: login to admin, go to TweetMeMe Settings, and uncheck the box next to “Display the image button in your feed, only available as the normal size widget.” then save. That should change it so the tweet button doesn’t show in your feed.

      Or, if you’ve either tried that already or if you want that button, check the button’s code and see if somewhere there’s an error in the code (end tag missing maybe?) that’s causing it to cut off right there.

      Maybe one of those will help. :)

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  3. Ooh … I love list posts! You’ve introduced me to at least four plugins I’ve never seen or heard of before and would like to implement right away.

    Thank You .. for Part 1 and 2. Both are a really fantastic and rare behind-the-scenes experience. Most people won’t divulge this kind of “insider” stuff. Kudos to you!

    I’ve learned how to secretly discover what my visitors want to read on my blog with the “Psychic Search” plugin. I know. It sounds like woo-woo but you might want to scope it out – no psychic abilities required. :)

    And for anyone who’s looking for a plugin that adds your signature to posts, the one I use is called “My Live Signature”.


    1. Awesome plugins, thanks Melanie.

      And yeah, maybe keeping secrets isn’t my superpower… :)

  4. Hi Michelle,

    I love this list and want to thankyou for sharing these plugins. I have some of them installed but plan to check out the other ones as well.

    Have a wonderful day,

    Cindy Murphy recently posted… Stepping Outside The Box l 12 Steps in 12 MonthsMy Profile

    1. You’re welcome, Cindy! :)

  5. Michelle, you are so awesome! It really helps to find out what plugins are being used out there and what fellow bloggers use ;) I am going to add some of your ideas to my own blog as well as do a post of my own about what I use.

    I guess I feel that there is no reason to share unless you are playing for plugins but even then, wouldn’t it be helpful to the authors to get the word out?? I don’t know, I guess I just like to share with others what works for me and I appreciate it so much when others share what works for them ;)

    Again, you are a Goddess and thank you very much!!!! You truly do rock!
    Kimberly recently posted… I met Jeanette Brooks!My Profile

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