You Can’t Do it Over, But You Can Do it Again Better

Are you afraid of making mistakes?  Terrified that someone might see you mess up?  Petrified that something could go wrong or things won’t be perfect?

That fear can keep us from taking the action we need to take to move forward.  Many times I’ve hesitated to try something new.  I was afraid I’d “fail”… publicly.

Because we all know you can’t get a “do over” once something’s done.

So I accept that.  I will never have things 100% figured out, there’s always more to learn, and nothing’s going to go right 100% of the time–for me or you!

I am embracing the idea that I can’t do it over, but I can do it again better.

Run into a roadblock?  Fail at something?  Fall flat on your face in front of lots of people?  Pick yourself back up, figure out what went wrong and go do it again–better!

It’s how we learn.  Test things, try things, look for ways to do it better and just keep going.

Like Adam on the Mythbusters says: Failure is always an option!

Failures big or small never have to stop you.  It’s all feedback.  Try again.  Do better.

That’s my personal lesson this week and I wanted to share it with you in case you’ve had some challenges, setbacks or all out “whoops I totally screwed that up” moments.  Don’t let it stop you.  Don’t even let it discourage you.  Just jump back up, figure out what you can fix and do differently and go do it again better!

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  1. Success and failure are on the same team. One does not exist without the other.

    Thanks for the inspiration.
    Adalia John recently posted… Your Excuses are Your Fears in DisguiseMy Profile

  2. Hey Michelle,
    Nice post. Could not have worded any better. I always tell myself, that failing is part of life and with failing, you learn. Without failing, success will be hard. Even if you succeed somewhere, you had to fail to get to that success. lol I might sound a little confusing but it’s how I feel. Awesome write up by the way.
    Fred Owusu recently posted… The Power of Influence in Network Marketing or MLMMy Profile

    1. Thanks Fred. It really is. If we never fail, then we’re not trying new things and pushing ourselves. :)
      Michelle Shaeffer recently posted… 5 Steps to a Monthly Content Plan for Your Business BlogMy Profile

  3. Thanks, Michelle.
    With you 100% here. I’ve seen hundreds of quotable quips on the same idea — we learn best from the mistakes we and others make, so we ought to boldly make and observe LOTS of them, carefully and thoughtfully.
    Oh, how I wish I could have said that in seven words or less!
    Robbie Schlosser recently posted… Break the Rules for Wedding and Party MusicMy Profile

  4. Absolutely!

    Failure is never an option, instead, I take it as a stepping stone to success. Yes, we do get discouraged when we fail or have problems in our lives, but when we are able to overcome those failure and stand back, we feel as if we have achieved something worthwhile.

    Thanks for sharing and making all of realize that. :)
    Harleena Singh recently posted… Is Your Family Important to YouMy Profile

  5. Great article I’ll have to share with my list! Thanks!
    Rhonda Neely recently posted… Love Works!My Profile

  6. Nice post Michelle. Someone once said that you can fail your way to success.
    Wade Balsdon recently posted… 5 Tips to End the Diet Setback CycleMy Profile

  7. What an inspiring article! Great words for those of us who are “hung up on perfection”. Bless you for writing this. :)
    Mary recently posted… More Writing “How To” & Great Changes!My Profile

  8. You shouldn’t live in fear of making a mistake. You learn from making mistakes and the day you stop learning is the day you die, so don’t be afraid.
    Elena Anne recently posted… Dark Under-Eye CirclesMy Profile

  9. Hah! This is a GREAT way to look at it, I really love your mindset. Not only can you do it again better but as you said, “Failure is always an option.” If we approach most things this way we can get more done and fail faster so we can get better instead of wondering if we should or shouldn’t try this slowing us down. Thanks for the daily inspirational insight I needed.
    Joel recently posted… Business Administration Salary – Bachelor vs. MBA DegreeMy Profile

  10. Without failure, success wouldn’t taste so sweet! No one sets out to fail, but we’re all going to do it at one point. Whenever I fail or things don’t go my way, I stop and figure out what I did wrong and what lesson I can take away from the failure. I’m a quick learner so usually I don’t make the same mistake twice. At least that’s the plan!
    Lisa Kanarek recently posted… 4 Ways to Avoid Home Office StressMy Profile

  11. Great post Michelle. No matter what mistakes we make, we can alter our course by changing strategy. The key is it identify the mistakes and move forward.
    Neil Butterfield recently posted… Understanding the consequences of high blood pressureMy Profile

  12. I needed this today! Thanks so much for sharing. 2012 has been a year of “doing-again”….
    Amy recently posted… Between me and the barnMy Profile

  13. Love this way of thinking…”it’s all feedback”.

    Failure is so dreaded. If we could remember to step back and gain some perspective…”so what?” Again, it’s all feedback.

    The lesson that we can do it again…better is so awesome. Thanks for sharing this profound lesson!
    Steve Rice recently posted… The Three Questions Every “Soulpreneur” Must Ask (and answer)My Profile

  14. Hi,

    I am really impress with this “I am embracing the idea that I can’t do it over, but I can do it again better.”
    Yes i can do it again and better.Thank you so much for such a motivated post.I really thankful to you!

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