You Rock – So Tell People!

If you’re reading my blog, I think it’s safe to assume you’ve got a small business, correct?  (And small doesn’t refer to how many items you sell or your revenue, just that you’re either a solopreneur or a business with just a few employees.)  Why are you in business?  Do you love what you deliver to your clients – service or product?  Do you rock at it?  Do your potential clients know that?

You’ve got to tell people you’re great at what you do!

Easy for me to say, right?  Many of us, especially women, have a hard time expressing that we know we’re really good at what we do.  But we’ve got to find a way to express that to our potential clients if we want them to feel secure in hiring us or purchasing products from us.

So, what’s a business building gal to do?  Work on it.  Write out a list of what you’re best at, and practice reading it in front of the mirror: “I am great at…” or “I do a fantastic job creating…”  Get used to acknowledging your talents!  It’s okay to do.  Really.

While you’re working on it, here are two easier ways to communicate your expertise and value to the potential clients you come in contact with.

1) Let others do it for you.

This is a great strategy if you’re very uncomfortable promoting yourself.  Ask for feedback, and then permission to publish it.  Take those great testimonials and sprinkle them on your website, your marketing materials, and anywhere else you can.

Actively encourage your current clients to refer new clients to you by thanking and/or rewarding them when they do.  This helps “pre-sell” you or your products and by the time the new client contacts you, they’re probably already convinced they need your product or service because someone they trust referred them to you.  No need for you to tell them why you rock, someone else already has.  Now you’ve just got to deliver.

2) Let your marketing materials speak for themselves.

Create marketing materials that allow you to showcase your brilliance.

How can you do this?  Don’t just go with the traditional ad that shows your product photo and contact info.  Instead create something of value you can give to potential clients like a free report or audio file.  It’s easier than it might sound.

Take a few minutes and consider what questions your potential clients might have about your products or services.  Then answer those questions.  Type up your answers and convert the file to a PDF format and post on your website to giveaway.  Or use a service like to call in with a friend or colleague and have them “interview” you or chat with you about the questions you’ve written up.  Download your mp3 file and then save it to your website to allow potential clients to listen to.

Both of these methods allow you to create the item once and then share it an unlimited number of times.  If you know your stuff, that’ll shine through in your special report or audio interview.  Again, no need for you to brag, the helpful information you provided will show that to those who read/listen.

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