MichelleSnowMichelle Shaeffer’s entrepreneurial journey began early in life with experiments in sales from Girl Scout cookies and 4H fundraisers to creating websites for her parents’ friends.  It nearly came to a tragic end when she discovered her 6th grade teachers really didn’t like her idea of selling super-tactical test taking strategies and coaching services to other students in the classroom prior to a test.  She still maintains the entire class grade could have been lifted with a smarter learning approach but the threat of suspension was quite effective in quieting her down–temporarily.

Her first official business ventures as a teen (which came along with a fancy business license, not-so-fancy tax bill and no threats of suspension) included teaching piano lessons and tutoring students in math, history and science, allowing her to explore our many different learning styles and how to work within them to help students retain information and acquire new skills.

As an adult, free to serve others in ways that help them reach their goals faster and get better results with less stress, Michelle helps entrepreneurs and small business owners discover how simple it can be to get real results from their websites, transforming them from ghost towns into ideal client attracting, lead generating, authority building tools.

She’s written 42 blog posts in a single day… mentored more than 15,000 bloggers through the Ultimate Blog Challenge & Extreme Traffic Adventure… published 1,000+ posts on her own blogs… made just about every blogging mistake possible (and shares them), so you don’t have to!

MichelleShaeffer A typical day in Michelle’s life includes a whole lot of coffee, obsessive blogging and content creation, coaching fabulous entrepreneurs, working behind the scenes to support her awesome clients with their blogging and marketing, and sneaking a little bit of sci-fi in there somewhere.

Connect with Michelle for fun, smart training to help you make your online presence work the way you deserve so you can reach the crowd you’re meant to serve.

Twitter: http://twitter.com/MichelleShaeffr
Facebook: http://facebook.com/MichelleShaefferFans
YouTube: http://youtube.com/MichelleShaeffer
Blog: https://www.michelleshaeffer.com

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