Plus... complete the challenge and you might get featured on my blog!

I'll create a blog post to showcase and link to every member who sends me their completed funnel link that they built or rebuilt with the challenge (no adult products or illegal items, of course).

The Challenge Begins Monday, 2-12-18

  • Discover the only 5 key pieces your funnel needs to attract ideal people and invite them to become your clients - no more getting stuck in overwhelm with funnel maps that have 1,374 pieces for you to create!
  • Get the kick-in-the-pants daily accountability to finally get your pieces done and in place - from lead magnet (opt-in freebie) to first offer...
  • With the step by step, basic checklists you need to actually understand what to create - and WHY - so you "get" it 
  • And, I'll share the tools and resources you need to build your funnel quickly, plus what's working right NOW

A Personal Message to You from Me...

Have you got a working funnel?  

You know... One that actually attracts your ideal clients to opt-in and get on your list... Then guides them to how you can help them...  

So they get excited and want to work with you, hire you, or get your products?  

If you answered...  

* Not yet...  

* Could be working better...  

Well, you're like 63% of voters in this week's survey who said "FUNNEL HELP PLEASE!"  

Sometimes it's great to know you aren't alone, yeah?  

So, here's the thing.  

Most of ya know me as "that blogging chick" or maybe a crazy empath who talks about mission and passion and giving a damn.  

Fair enough. I resemble those remarks. haha  

But let me let you in on a secret or two you probably don't know about me...  

No, I don't have an FBI file. At least, not that I know of. Wrong type of "secret" there...

I've been part of the team behind dozens of multi-million dollar online marketing funnels, helping manage the tech, brainstorm the ideas, and tweak for maximum effectiveness...  

Not just in one niche, either.  

I'd name names but I'm not a name dropper. ;)  

Point is - I've done more than build funnels for myself and brainstorm them with my Insiders Club.  

I've been on the inside of some of the biggest funnels and online campaigns out there.  

A few weeks ago I sat at a table with Click Funnel's #1 seller strategizing about funnels.  

So while you might not think of me as the "funnel chick" (and I'm not quite going for that nickname)...  

You know that's why you're even seeing this page, riiiiight? One of my funnels (this one) grabbed your attention and we both know you're about to opt-in, cause you want funnels that work in your business, too.

I can absolutely guide you through the process of building a funnel that converts.  

So join me for the Challenge - one task a day to create a key element of your funnel and by day 5, funnel done!  

If you're brand new, let's get your first funnel up.  

If you've got a funnel, let's review it and get it converting even better.  

I'll show you how to think through (or rethink) pieces you've probably never considered...  

Join me, and let's have some funnel-y fun!

Michelle Shaeffer Your Funnel Challenge Host

Michelle has written 42 blog posts in a single day… mentored more than 15,000 bloggers through Blog Challenges… published 1,000+ posts on her own blog… and is currently at work on her book, The Art of Actually Giving a Damn: Rise of the Empath Entrepreneur.  

She's an award-winning blogger, international speaker, author, marketing consultant and human psychology junkie. She's the creator of Lingo Dynamics; the HookLine Dynamic app; and helps her clients discover exactly how to measure the way words "feel" so they can get noticed, get heard & get sales. 

Michelle helps entrepreneurs and small business owners discover how simple it can be to get real results from their websites, transforming them from ghost towns into ideal client attracting, lead generating, authority building machines. 

Connect with her for fun, smart training to help you make your online presence work the way you deserve so you can reach the crowd you're meant to serve and get your message out into the world.