It’s Time for You to Discover Step by Simple Step

How to Become a Superstar in Your Corner of the World,
Reach More People, and Be of Service in a Bigger Way

…Without Spending Hours a Day Blogging and Promoting,
Stressing Over What to Write About, Trying to Follow Crazy Complicated Traffic Schemes, or Wondering What to Do Next…

You've got a vision for your blog and you're working to turn it into reality. But it's not as easy or fast as you'd hoped.
You’ve got a vision for your blog and you’re working to turn it into reality. But it’s not as easy as you’d hoped.

Let’s get real… you’re not blogging just so you can read your own thoughts on the web. You’ve got a mission. You know you’ve got ideas to share and people you can be of service to.

But most of the “experts” out there aren’t telling you the truth about what it really takes to make blogging (and “content marketing”) work for you. In fact, many popular blogging classes are written by entrepreneurs who have great intentions but haven’t even made blogging really work for them.

If you’ve been frustrated, waiting for readers to find you, wondering when you’ll break through and get noticed, it’s not your fault!

Really, you can’t be expected to succeed when it’s like this…

Funny cooking image
Without the recipe to follow, even if you’ve got the right ingredients, it’s hard to make it work! You need the right recipe.

Imagine that you’re trying to cook a gourmet meal where you’re given only a partial list of ingredients and a picture of the finished product–without being told what’s missing or how to put those ingredients together and cook them into a beautiful meal. What are your chances of success in that situation?!

Sure, some people have that natural knack for cooking and could figure it out. Not me! I’d be setting off fire alarms and probably accidentally lose my eyebrows attempting to flambé something that should have been sauteed or steamed or grilled instead.

And some bloggers just get lucky with a natural ability to write smart content, have the key connections to get themselves noticed, and make it big fast. What about the rest of us? I’ll call us the “eyebrow-less” bloggers for now…

  • we see some of the important “ingredients” we need to include
  • we can totally understand the big picture success that blogging can help us reach
  • but we aren’t sure who hid the “recipe” or what tools to use in the “kitchen”
  • we need help to reach out and create those connections who can help us (anyone have Gordon Ramsey on speed dial?)
  • we’ve tried to do it ourselves but had the equivalent of smoke alarms going off, singed arm hair, and ended up ordering take out instead

Do you want to know the real solution?

You've got the right pieces: you're smart enough to make this work, you've got the expertise and passion to serve and make a difference.  You just need a smart plan to put them together right.
You’re smart enough to make this work, you’ve got the expertise and passion to serve and make a difference. You just need a smart plan to put them together right.

Here’s what it isn’t:

  • posting lots of content about anything you can think of to your blog
  • trying to use the tools you hear about without understanding how they work or the best way to leverage them
  • playing around on the social networks, without a strategy
  • getting frustrated at your lack of results and giving up!

You can’t give up!

You and I both know that there are people waiting for you to share your message and ideas with them and you’ve got to get out there in front of them and get noticed so you can be of service to them.

Let’s make a deal, okay?

I’m no gourmet cook (I have pizza delivery on speed dial…), but I’ve got a rockin’ blog. And part of my mission here is to help people with big ideas and important messages get the word out about who they are and how they serve. I want to help you by sharing the ingredients and the recipe to making that happen.

I’ve created a powerful new training series packed with
just the most essential things you need to succeed.

No throwing 1,000 ideas at you for you to have to sort through and pick from later, wondering which is best for you.

No endless hours of video to watch or PDF files to read. You don’t have the time or energy for that!

Join me and I’ll show you exactly how your blog can help you reach your business goals faster and move quickly towards your mission in life by helping you create the visibility, positioning, and credibility you NEED to be seen by those you are here to help.


You’ll get INSTANT ACCESS to these training modules when you invest in the home study course.

Along with each module you’ll receive worksheets, spreadsheets and other planning tools to help you implement what you’re learning.

Module 1: Find & Get in Front of Your Perfect Audience

  • Really get clear on who your audience is–and where they’re hiding!
  • Discover the biggest key to getting your blog famous quickly (this one tip would have saved me from YEARS of frustration and blogging in oblivion)
  • Learn the 5 steps to inspiring other website owners to share your content with their readers and invite you back again over and over

Module 2: Build Your Community of Adoring Fans

What’s the secret famous bloggers know about creating a community of fans who adore them and eagerly await their next blog post so they can comment, share it, and engage with the blogger? It’s your turn to find out!

  • How to create content your ideal readers will LOVE and be eager to respond to and share
  • Super-spy, stealth ways to find out what content is HOT and how to ethically incorporate that into your own blog for big results
  • Why getting readers to your blog is only the first step, and what the second often overlooked but absolutely critical step is for your long-term success and how to get your readers to take it

Module 3: How to Get Your Content Noticed

In this advanced module, I’ll spill the beans about my best secret tools and tactics for getting my content noticed and driving traffic to my site without spending hours a day promoting my blog.

  • Create your own automation plans to put your traffic generation on auto-pilot so your blog is constantly working for you 24/7
  • Discover 6 simple and fun but under-utilized types of blog posts that will get others excited to do your promotion for you and share their audiences with you

Exclusive Access to Brainstorming & Networking Group

You’ll also get access to an exclusive Facebook group where you can brainstorm, build relationships and get to know your fellow bloggers in the Make Your Blog Famous group!

Get in for just just $197 $97

You’re getting a smokin’ hot deal of 5+ hours of my best blogging secrets to help you make your blog famous.

Who the Heck Am I & Why Should You Learn From Me?

You might be wondering who I am and how I’m qualified to teach this workshop. That’s a fair question. You’re a smart cookie to want to be sure you’re learning from someone who’s done what she’s teaching.

Hi, I’m Michelle Shaeffer (that’s me on the left — you might have guessed). I help entrepreneurs get their message out through blogging, social media, websites & online marketing. And I believe that building your business online can be fun and exciting, and it shouldn’t mean teetering on the edge of insanity.

What makes me different from many other coaches and trainers is that I’ve got 20+ years of experience in designing hundreds of websites and blogs, plus I’ve spent more than a decade working behind the scenes for brilliant marketers (you’d know their names if I shared them), learning how big success in online entrepreneurial businesses really gets created.

And I’ve built my own business through blogging. My award-winning blog at attracts between 250,000-325,000 page views a month (measured by CloudFlare). I once wrote 42 blog posts in a single day, and I’ve mentored more than 5,000 bloggers through leading online blog challenges for the past year several years.

I don’t just talk about blogging and tell you that you should do it because it works. I’m doing it — and I’m getting results. Through the blog challenges and other projects I’m “in the trenches” and working with themes, plugins, templates, and all that other blogging “stuff” daily.

Quick Review of What You Get:

  • Access to all three 90-minute training modules on 3/7/2013
  • Live access to a one-hour open Q&A session with me
  • Recordings of all training modules plus the Q&A
  • Worksheets, spreadsheets and planning tools to help you implement as you learn
  • Entrance to a private Facebook group so you can connect with others in the class, get support and brainstorming help, and build connections

More Thoughts from My Clients, Students and Readers

P.S. My goal is to knock-your-socks-off with implementable training and tools so you’ll get WAY more than $97 worth of value from this training. But if you purchase and aren’t over the moon happy, you’ve got 90 days to shoot me an email to let me know and get your money back.

P.P.S. You’re ready for this. It’s time to get your message and ideas out there, go big with your blog, and reach more people you can serve! Just click here now to get in. You’ll be glad you did.

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