Discover the 5 Simple Steps to Creating a Blog that Boosts Your Business and Brings you Clients, Cash, and Credibility

Businessman needs helpLook, I get it.  Everyone keeps telling you to blog, but it takes more time and energy that it feels like it’s worth.

Figuring out how to write a blog post (that takes you hours and then doesn’t get enough readers) and connect it to cash in your business can feel like you’re stranded on the Lost island, wondering what the heck that freaky smoke thing is, which “side” you should be on, how to get off the island, and whether you’re even really alive anymore.

Or worse yet, it might feel like you’re live on a reality show where everyone’s watching.  You worry over each word in your post… finally hit publish… and then it feels like no one was watching after all!

Take a deep breath with me… now exhale… BECAUSE IT DOES NOT have to be that hard!

Join me and a crowd of other bloggers on Saturday, April 18th for this LIVE training and discover…

    • an exercise that ensures you will never be at a loss for brilliant, engaging blog post ideas again (your readers will love you for this!)
    • the exact methods I use for finding where my audience is “hiding” and how to get them to notice me
    • a super simple template to make sure you include the 17 critical elements in every post you publish
    • the easy way to master the #1 skill you need to get traffic to your blog
    • how to build your own platform and fan club (or “raving readers club”, if you prefer) with small daily actions
    • the exact methods I’ve used to successfully grow my mailing list to 20,000+ subscribers
    • what to do next after you’ve got readers and subscribers to create cash flow in your business

Financial concept of a happy businessman in a pool of moneyYou’ll also get access to an exclusive quiz that will reveal what type of monetization is the best fit for you and guide you to the smartest choices and save you from spinning your wheels with the wrong strategy.  I’ll share with you what programs and resources I’ve seen the most success with, too.

And I’ll reveal my best time-saving hacks.  (I homeschool my three children while working from home with my own business, keeping up with multiple blogs for myself and my clients — and I’ve managed to keep my the 6 pets we own from eating each other despite where they fit in the food chain.  So you know I’ve got more than a few time savers up my sleeve.)

As a special bonus I’ll also give you access to a printable PDF download of daily/weekly action plan checklists to help you form the habits that create success in blogging (I’ve never revealed this before).

Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to send in your questions live for me to answer while I’m teaching.

You’ll also get access to the recordings of the training sessions so you can watch again as many times as you want (and if you can’t make it live, no worries, you’ll have the videos to watch through and the PDFs to review whenever it’s convenient for you).


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Who the Heck Am I & Why Should You Learn From Me?

MichelleOnStageRevolutionYou might be wondering who I am and how I’m qualified to teach this workshop. That’s a fair question. You’re a smart cookie to want to be sure you’re learning from someone who’s done what she’s teaching.

Hi, I’m Michelle Shaeffer (that’s me on the right — you might have guessed). I help entrepreneurs get their message out through blogging, social media, websites & online marketing.  And I believe that building your business online can be fun and exciting, and it shouldn’t mean teetering on the edge of insanity.

What makes me different from many other coaches and trainers is that I’ve got 20+ years of experience in designing hundreds of websites and blogs, plus I’ve spent more than a decade working behind the scenes for brilliant marketers (you’d know their names if I shared them), learning how big success in online entrepreneurial businesses really gets created.

And I’ve built my own business through blogging.  My award-winning blog at attracts between 250,000-325,000 page views a month (measured by CloudFlare).  I once wrote 42 blog posts in a single day, and I’ve mentored more than 10,000 bloggers through leading online blog challenges for the past year several years.

I don’t just talk about blogging and tell you that you should do it because it works. I’m doing it — and I’m getting results. Through the blog challenges and other projects I’m “in the trenches” and working with themes, plugins, templates, and all that other blogging “stuff” daily.

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More Thoughts from My Clients, Students and Readers
About Other Blog Trainings and Workshops I’ve Delivered

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P.S.  My goal is to knock-your-socks-off with implementable training and tools so you’ll get WAY more than $97 worth of value from this four-hour live training.  But if you purchase and aren’t over the moon happy, you’ve got 90 days to shoot me an email to let me know and get your money back.

P.P.S.  It’s TIME to get your blog converting into dollars for you.  Clients, sales, credibility… let me show you how to make it happen.  Just click here now to get in.  You’ll be glad you did.

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