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Audience & Host Feedback


Hey Girl –

I wanted to say again that you were great last night. That was the most interaction with the audience we have ever had on a call before. The most questions and by far the longest Q&A session.

We still have people registering this afternoon.

Michele Scism, Decisive Minds





Short Bio/Intro

Michelle Shaeffer is the Girl Blogger Next Door. She’s written 42 blog posts in a single day… mentored more than 10,000 bloggers through the Ultimate Blog Challenge… published 1,000+ posts on her own blogs… made just about every blogging mistake possible (and shares them), so you don’t have to!

A typical day in Michelle’s life includes a whole lot of coffee, slightly non-traditional homeschooling lessons with her three children, obsessive blogging and content creation, coaching fabulous entrepreneurs, working behind the scenes to support her awesome clients with their blogging and marketing, and sneaking a little bit of sci-fi in there somewhere.


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