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Leadership Lessons From the Shirtless Dancing Guy

Sunday means it’s time for another “weekend inspiration” post. Are you ready to learn from the shirtless dancing guy?  You know you’ve got to click play and find out what this video is about. You can catch the full transcript (and the video if it doesn’t display above for you) on YouTube at:

How I Got 5,000+ Followers on Twitter

Were you on the webcast this afternoon?  I shared my “super secret” strategy for getting targeted followers quickly and easily on Twitter.  You can access the free replay by signing up at It’s about half way through – right after the slide where I share my 10-15 minute a day plan for building connections, …

5 Ways to Find People to Follow On Twitter

Are you using Twitter for business and looking for ways to increase your reach by gaining new followers? Here are five ways to get new followers on Twitter. 1. Find and follow targeted tweeters. Many people on Twitter will follow you back if you follow them first. But you don’t just want random followers to …