10 Blog Posts Readers Will Fall in Love with You For Writing

10 Blog Post Ideas Have you ever wondered how some bloggers build such a loyal following and have so many readers eagerly awaiting their next blog post?

It’s because they’ve cracked the code on how to create content their audience LOVES…

And once you crack that code, you’ll find you have not only loyal readers, but an audience who’s excited about learning from you, working with you, and that generates sales in your business!

Here’s how you do that:

Answer their questions and solve their problems.

It’s that simple.

Try one of these blog posts ideas, and write it with the idea in mind of providing useful ideas, tips, tricks and resources…

1.  Helpful websites you use frequently

2.  Top tools you’ve found useful and how to use them

3.  A blog post (or round up of blog posts) you recently read and learned from

4.  Share what you’re learning right now (ideas: from an event you’ve attended, a webcast, a training program)

5.  Share a recent success – and exactly what you did that worked

6.  Share a failure from the past – and what you learned in the process

7.  Write about how you start your day that helps you get the right things done

8.  Write about how you end your day and celebrate successes

9.  Share your best tested strategies (examples: management or productivity tips and tricks, how you get energized and stay focused)

10.  A recent problem you solved and how you solved it

Your Turn!  What are your favorite types of blog posts to read?

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  1. Oh nice! I love these ideas! I can’t wait to add these blog topics to my list of up-coming blog and article posts! Thanks for these gems!!
    Naomi Teeter recently posted… March 2015 In Review: The Life of A Health CoachMy Profile

    1. Awesome, thanks for reading and commenting Naomi.
      Michelle Shaeffer recently posted… How to Quickly Write a Week Worth of Blog PostsMy Profile

  2. Great ideas and I can certainly try them out. Thank you for sharing :)
    Parul recently posted… #MicroblogMondays – Being ZenMy Profile

  3. Thanks so much for the value you provide…. awesome blog post ideas! Will definitely start implementing these ideas!
    Delita Cassidy recently posted… The Infinite Power of VisualizationMy Profile

  4. My favourite is No 4. It serves a couple of purposes. Helps you organise and repeat what you are learning. Is there as a record for you to refer to later. Plus is helpful for other bloggers. Win-win all round.

    Thanks Michelle for the reminder :)

  5. Love it. Thank you for always being inspiring and encouraging us to write Michelle. Best wishes.
    William recently posted… How to Succeed in Business & LifeMy Profile

  6. Great ideas as always, Michelle.

    I especially like #10. I need to post the on the spot solutions I come up with as I work with teens and their parents. Often the strategy I come up with is universal.

    The few websites I frequent are great for parents to know about as well- so the bookend #1 and #10 jump out for me from this awesome list.

    Thank you!
    Donovan recently posted… Happy New Year!My Profile

  7. Hey Michelle, Love this! Look forward to the great knowledge that you are sharing! :)
    Chris Brindamour recently posted… How to Leverage Influential People to Get Mass Highly Targeted Traffic, Leads and Sales to Your BlogMy Profile

  8. I enjoy reading articles that weave personal tales and professional insight to create an engaging experience! :D

    I am not a huge fan of technical posts or matter-of-fact ‘How to’ Posts.

    Thank you for this immensely useful list, Michelle #HUGS


  9. Great tips. More ways to show how real you are. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Great ideas there Michelle (as usual ;D)
    I’m a big fan of number 4. I was always a bit weary when it came to share my experience and especially our stats but I took the leap with my last blog post.

    I am still working on promoting it but it has been one of the articles I’ve enjoyed writing the most. I want to have a lot more like this one coming in the future :)
    Aurelie Chazal recently posted… Lessons Learned Onboarding 500+ SaaS Users With IntercomMy Profile

  11. Hi Michelle, I find 4-6,10 would be most advantageous for me to use. I definitely like your how to posts and tips and tricks. I find them intimidating tho, because i need to get over the student mindset and get more into the teacher’s mindset while I’m learning. Learn, teach, do. Anyways, your blog is definitely one that I will keep coming back to! Thanks

  12. I really enjoyed reading your tips to get love from others. I like the point that we got a problem and how we solved it. Sharing what we learned a great thing.
    Sanjay Sajeev recently posted… Beginners Guide To Setup GetResponseMy Profile

  13. I’m trying to get my blog going but it always falters because I really don’t know the problem I am solving…. its a jewelry biz and all I can think to talk about is my design experience. but I’m not trying to create a community of people who make jewelry, I want them to buy MY jewelry. I’m really stumped on what this blog should be like… what its personality is…and it really shows….

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