3 Steps to Get Value from All the Crazy Telesummits

Business Woman screaming angry Do all the telesummits, teleseminars, webinars, hangouts, and everything else make you CRAZY?

I’ll admit it… the word “telesummit” makes me think of stuffy, hot tempered politicans or other intellectuals trapped in a
“summit” room discussing BIG problems.

And the biggest problem?  It MATTERS but they rarely seem to get a dang thing done that makes a difference.

And that’s really the problem with most telesummits.  I mean, who’s got time to listen to 37 more hour long audios or watch a bunch of hour long videos which are 50% sales pitches?

Yet, there IS value in these events, IF you know how to find it and make it work for you.

So, here are my three rules for deciding what to listen to and making absolutely positively sure that it’s worth my time:

1.  Know what to focus on.

Right now I’m personally studying Facebook ads and serious marketing funnels (follow up sequences, upsells, downsells,
all that FUN stuff).  So I stay aware of training on those two topics and ignore everything else.

2.  Show up and take notes.

When I do sign up for something, I make sure I put it on my calendar (even if it’s free replays) so the time is scheduled and
I’m there.  Then I take notes – not of everything, but of the things I hear that make me say, “Hey, *I* could totally do that!”
or, “Why am I not already doing that?!”

3.  Take immediate action.

Next step is to put action time on my calendar.  Now that I’ve got the top 2 or 3 actions I want to take (sometimes it’s only
ONE big idea I walk away with but it can make a huge difference IF I implement it), I have to make sure I really DO
something.  So on my calendar it goes, or if I can I’ll stop and implement right after the call/training.

That’s it.  That’s the key to turning the time suck of telesummits into a powerful learning opportunity for yourself.


YES, I’m now going to invite you to one.  ;)

But after you register I want you to look through the list of participants, and figure out the 2 or 3 calls that are focused
on what YOU need to learn next.  Put those calls on your calendar.

If you have that “but I wanna know it ALL, just in case” thing happening in your head, duct tape that voice and stuff
it in the closet in your head.

Or, you can grab access to download the audios of all the calls and save them so when you’re READY to focus on the
other topics, you’ve got the resources you need waiting on you.  That’s the SMART way to use those recordings. ;)

Okay, details.  Here’s the scoop.

Come learn solid action steps (and the shortcuts we all wish we’d known years sooner) to significantly grow your own business.

When you register now, you’ll walk away with step-by-step knowledge of how to:

  • Develop a memorable marketing message that you’ll have others repeating in no time (and spreading that
    message to others for free!)
  • Find out exactly what your ideal client wants from you – and how they want it (can anyone say “instant increase
    in sales?!”)
  • Instantly get your message in front of thousands of people (you won’t believe some of these really simple
  • Stay motivated and keep moving forward when the going gets tough
  • Partner with rockstar online entrepreneurs for instant increased exposure and greater income opportunities (no, you don’t just ask.)

These aren’t just suggestions about how to grow your business, these are real-life, actionable to-do steps from online experts
including me, Paul Evans, Ellen Britt, Lara Galloway, Christine Gallagher, Lisa Montanaro, Jeannie Spiro and Ali Rittenhouse.

Register now for all the details and confirm your seat.


Seriously though, please use the tips I shared.  You can get GREAT value from these multi-speaker events and all the free
trainings like webinars, teleseminars and G+ hangouts if you put those into action and stay focused.  :)

P.S.  Yes, that’s my affiliate link.  I’m recommending this because Betsy rocks, the interviews will be fun and educational,
and she has the sweetest Southern accent… I just love hearing that “ya’ll” in conversation.

And… within moments you can tell she’s got heart and cares about the real success of those she works with.  That matters.

But all that said, if you buy the recordings, I get a kickback.  If you don’t like that, it’s cool.  Go to http://coachwithbetsy.com
instead of my link above.  :)

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  1. Love your 3 steps! I figure if I’m going to give up my time I need to focus on why I’m listening, and get at least one goodie to put into action.
    PS- love your new “look” on your blog!
    Denys Kelley recently posted… Creating a new Genesis responsive theme.My Profile

  2. Actually, what I see is so many people take all these seminars- and take notes (or note) and have great intentions….
    And, then DO NOTHING!
    Listening to the seminar is a way to acquire facts- but you must incorporate them into your life and business to insure they become useful information.
    Roy A. Ackerman, Ph.D., E.A. recently posted… 80 y old- Last Legs?My Profile

  3. I was just feeling overwhelmed by all the tele summit invites I’ve been getting so this post comes to my rescue just in time. After a while it seems like everyone is saying the same thing: how to navigate social media, how to market etc… Thanks for the 3 rules. I’ll have to be choosey because of time.

  4. Hey, totally loving the new look! I really like your tip #2. I admit I sometimes multitask while listening to recordings, not a good thing tsk tsk tsk.

    I also need to take action more by implementing at least one idea :)

  5. Hi,

    I’ve attended a few telesummits in the past. Exactly as you described, 50% of the summit was absolute BS, marketing pitch. However, these tips will definitely help me out in getting the best out of any telesummit.

    Gautham Nekkanti recently posted… How to Insert Middle Finger Emoticon in Facebook ChatMy Profile

  6. I love this simple, yet effective, advice. Yes, there are a ton of telesummits out there these days (I do happen to think the one you mention above is absolutely *spectacular*, but I’m a bit biased. ;) ) so it’s helpful to have some “information implementation” we can use. Thank you, Michelle!
    Betsy Baker recently posted… How to Survive Online Business Marketing Information OverloadMy Profile

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