31 Places to Share Your Latest Blog Post

Got a recent blog post you’re looking for more places to share and ways to promote?

Awesome, set your timer for 15 minutes and see how many of these you can knock out!

1. Facebook Fan Page – Share on your fan page. Be sure to tag anyone you’ve linked to or featured. Consider running an ad or boosting the post to get it seen by more of your followers.

2. Facebook Groups – Share in your own Facebook groups and in other niche groups that would love the content. (Take the time to create a spreadsheet for yourself of where you can share your posts, in which groups, and on what days – it’ll save you tons of time.)

3. Twitter – Tweet out your post, then write a few variations on the tweet and schedule them to go out over a few days.  I like HootSuite. Consider pinning your tweet, too. Then follow a few dozen new people (they’ll likely check out your profile and see your pinned tweet).

4. StumbleUpon – Share your post link on StumbleUpon and other social bookmarking sites as appropriate.

5. LinkedIn – Post on LinkedIn with a bit about why read your latest post and a link to it.

6. LinkedIn Articles – Republish your content into a LinkedIn Article.

7. Pinterest – Pin your post on whichever of your boards makes the most sense.

8. Pinterest Group Boards – Pin your post on appropriate group boards.

9. Instagram – Create and share an image about your blog post (put the link in your bio, and tag yourself in the post caption so it’s easy for people to get to your bio). Be sure to use #hashtags that fit.

10. SlideShare – Turn your post (or the main ideas from it) into a short slide show then share on SlideShare with a link to the full post.

11. Google+ – Share on your Google+ profile, tag anyone you’ve mentioned or linked to. If you’re active in Google+ communities, share there, too.

12. YouTube – Create a quick video where you do an overview of your post and point to it for more info, or where you go in-depth on one piece of your post. Link to your post in the description and be sure to SAY “click the link below the video to find out…” and tell viewers exactly why they’ll want to read the post, too.

13. Facebook Live – Go live in your group or on your profile to let people know you’ve published a new blog post and what inspired it (what question does it answer, what problem does it solve, what’s the story behind it?).

14. Reddit Blogging – Get to know how Reddit works. It can be a great source of traffic if you play by their community rules.

15. Email List – Did you send an email to your own list yet? Don’t forget!  I recommend MailerLite (free for up to 1,000 subscribers).

16. Triberr – Get active on Triberr, find tribes of bloggers like you, and share your latest posts with them.

17. Just Retweet – Submit your blog post here after you’ve shared a few other users posts and they’ll tweet it for you.

18. Viral Content Bee – Share content from others and they’ll share yours on a variety of social sites.

19. Email Signature – Add your post to your signature with a link. You can use WiseStamp to automate this and it’ll always show your latest post.

20. Comment on other Blog Posts – Do a quick search for blog posts that are on related topics, especially blogs that have CommentLuv enabled or link back to commenters. When you leave a comment your latest post will show up for others to click through and read.

21. BizSugar – This niche site is great for business bloggers, and another place you can share your content (network with other bloggers while you’re there, too).

22. Scoop.it – It’s a content curation tool + social network combined – and a fun place to create your own page of “news” that includes your own content and content from other sites.

23. Inbound.org – Networking site with 200,000+ marketers all sharing blog posts and advice.

24. Blog Engage – Another small business networking community where you can share your content and connect with other bloggers.

25. Quora – Search for keywords related to your post and find a few questions you can answer.  Offer a tip or two, then link to your blog post for more info or ideas.

26. Scribd – Turn your blog post into a pdf with PrintFriendly.com or similar then upload to this document sharing site.

27. BuzzFeed – Did you know you can submit content to BuzzFeed?  Yep!  Click right here to get started.

28. Medium – Another site you can publish your own content on. Create a New Story here.

29. Kindle eBook – Turn your blog post into an eBook (or take a series of your posts and create one) and publish it for Kindle. Great way to get on Amazon and in front of a huge audience.

30. Yahoo Answers – Search for questions related to your blog, and share your two cents plus a link to your post for more info.

31. Email a Reader – Send directly to a few friends, clients or colleague who’d find it useful (and invite them to share, too!)

What else is on your list of places or ways to share and promote your latest blog posts?  Leave a comment!

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  1. All I can say is WOW, I use a few now but had no idea there are so many available. I will add a couple more and thanks for the info about WiseStamp, I will look at this today. I’m really looking forward to our phone call on Friday.

  2. Michelle, this is great. I was struggling with where else to share my blog posts. I’ll be working my way through this list this week!
    Suzanne recently posted… 5 Free Online Editing Tools For Writing Great Academic PapersMy Profile

  3. I never have figured out Reddit. Seems you have to be an active member, often approved by someone who may not even still be active, of some group to be able to post. Every group has its own rules. It seems like a huge time investment. What am I missing here?

  4. Hello Michelle ,

    It awesome thing to have today on the Internet. :)

    WOW! There are plenty of places where we can promote our blogs apart from social media platforms like twitter, face book,
    google+, linked.in, pinterest, stumble and tumbler. I used to share mines mainly upon these platforms.

    There quite many new names which I am knowing here for the first time. Names like, Scribd, Scoop.it,. They are new for me.

    I love to get engaged in Viral content bee, justretweets and inbound.org.

    Thanks for the share.

    Shantanu Sinha recently posted… 13 Content Marketing Trends Happening NowMy Profile

  5. Thanks for so many resources! I had no idea that most of these existed I will certainly be making use of them to increase web traffic and website authority. Just what I needed Michelle.

  6. What a great list Michelle. I use several of those, but others I’d never heard of. And I totally forgot that Wisestamp had the latest post option. I’m heading to my account now to add that to my signature. Thanks!

  7. Great list. I use some but not even close to half I should start using some others!

  8. I have been using Blog Engage for a long time, it is an excellent network particularly if you blog about online/SEO/Blogging/Social Media and ‘preneur stuff. StumbleUpon is much less effective than it used to be in my opinion and infographics/image heavy posts do better with Pinterest/StumbleUpon. The Yahoo Answers and Quora are spot on and help generate articles that bring in search traffic as they answer questions.

    Other things to leverage is look for forums/sites related to your niche, if you blog about movies/TV shows, do preview posts on IMDB for example. If you write video game reviews, leave snippets on Steam.

    WiseStamp is good for signatures, but beware it talks to cloud to load items and some email recipients those would be blocked. I love the feature to grab latest post from a blog however and this is very useful as well.
    Justin Germino recently posted… NTONPOWER 10 port USB Charger reviewMy Profile

  9. Thank you for the list. So many never heard of. Bookmark for future reference.

  10. Interesting and informative article. This blog is useful for everyone. Keep on sharing like this. – sameday shirdi flight package from bangalore, bangalore to shirdi sameday flight package

  11. Thanks for such a thorough list, Michelle. I’ve heard of some of these but not all of them. I’m bookmarking for future reference. I’ve tried going on Reddit but I don’t get how it works. Perhaps a topic for a future blog:-)
    Tandy Elisala recently posted… The Truth About Problems That Will Make You Think Differently About LifeMy Profile

  12. Hi MICHELLE,

    I found this post on Justretweet, landed from there. You are doing an amazing job here, thanks for the detailed blog posts.

    The new articles should be promoted in the right place to reach the target audience.

    GrowthHackers is also a great community where all types of marketers & online publishers are engaging.

    I’m almost using all the places that you have mentioned here, will make use of the missed ones.

    Nirmala Santhakumar recently posted… Looking For KWFinder Alternative? Pick The Best Yet Affordable Keyword Research Tool!My Profile

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