5 Habits to Help You Build a Successful Business (Without Losing Your Mind)

What do successful entrepreneurs and high-achievers have in common?

Yes… they all set goals…

Yes… they all have positive focus and unshakeable confidence…

But what are the daily habits and practices that empower them to stay focused, energetic and feeling good so they can go after their goals?

In the last couple of years I’ve made it a personal mission to find out what the most productive and passionate people do every single day.

And I’ve discovered 5 key daily practices that are common:

Meditation.  Prayer.  Yoga.  Journaling.

Make time every single day to center yourself.

To breathe.

To focus on finding your center and grounding yourself.

From basic healthy eating to extreme biohacking, what we nourish and fuel our bodies with matters.

I love Bulletproof’s definition of biohacking:

The desire to be the absolute best version of ourselves.  If we want better outputs—to have more energy and focus, to be free of disease, to have a better memory, to perform optimally in business and athletics—then let’s tweak the things we put into our body and mind to stack the deck in our favor.

Source: Beginnger’s Guide to Biohacking 101

Ever notice that high-achievers tend to be healthy?  Not necessarily model-thin or bodybuilder-strong – but in good health!

They MOVE their bodies.  From pilates to weights to jogging to swimming to zumba… I’ve got a crazy long list of answers on exactly HOW they move, but they all move.

It’s critical to keep our bodies moving and active.  It affects our moods, our circulation and brain function, and so much more.

Another key practice is connection with a community.

It might be religious, charitable, business or something else.

But having a touch-point in our lives with others keeps us connected.  Community gives us perspective and encouragement.

And the 5th daily practice might be a bit surprising.  It’s to create things – whether that’s part of “business” or separate – a daily practice of creativity to express ourselves and share, is energizing.

How are you implementing daily habits that keep you healthy, focused, and energized?

Which of these are in your daily routines?  How can you add the ones that aren’t yet?

P.S.  Over the last 17 years of running my own business, I’ve learned a few things…

One of the most valuable lessons (thank you, emergency room!) was how key it is to keep my body and brain healthy so I can keep doing what I do.

You might know (or you might not) that I’m a single mom, and at times I’ve juggled being the sole provider for three kids, homeschooling all three, and running my business… and no, that’s not easy.

If we’re not healthy, we can’t keep up!

Brain fog, waking up exhausted, or just feeling sluggish and less than confident kills productivity and energy.

And that’s where I end up when I don’t keep my priorities – including my health – in order.

So when “how do you stay healthy and fit?” came up in no less than a dozen different conversations with business coaching clients in less than a week…

I realized that I wanted – and needed – to share what I’d discovered works, because it’s so different from what’s out there!

That’s why I decided to beta test the Principle 37 program.

Monday, November 20th we kick off, looking at a totally different way to measure “success” in health and fitness.

And I’d love to have you in the program.

Because I know that if you commit to following the simple principle of changing the words you say to yourself, and the 5 daily practices… you WILL feel healthier and more confident.

Which are critical to both your business success – and your happiness in life!

So here’s the scoop:

* You can do this starting with just 15 minutes a day (your health is WORTH that!).

This program is for anyone looking to get healthier – whether you’ve got weight to lose or not.  We’ll look at health in all the core areas of life that enable us to be our best selves.

* It’ll help you with tools and strategies to get through the holidays without gaining weight or feeling drained and overwhelmed.

* As always there’s a money back guarantee – jump in and join us for the entire program and if come January you’re not feeling like you’ve learned strategies and habits that help you feel great, just let me know and I’ll refund your entire payment (and you can keep everything from the program).

Click here to get your spot – I’m limiting the spaces to keep this group intimate and a safe space, plus this is a beta test, so don’t wait, okay?

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  1. Hello Michelle,

    Good shout over here :)

    Indeed if we want to build up a successful business they we need to be focus, drive out our goals and to be clear about them
    and we need to be full with confidence.

    Its very important to keep our self healthy and fit, as without a healthy mind we can not be productive and focus on our goals,
    thus it is very much required that we should eat clean, do some meditation, running and take proper care of ourself.
    To be daily present on our business, we need to stay fit, if we are not then we can not find ways to work for our own

    Thanks for the share.

    Shantanu Sinha recently posted… Why use Twitter for marketing your small businessMy Profile

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