50+ Interesting Ideas for Your Next Blog Post or Social Media Update

50+ Ideas Looking for ideas of what to blog about next?  Or, what to share on social media?

Here’s a list of 50+ interesting ideas to inspire you…

Getting to Know You

  • Your favorite blog or blogs you subscribe to
  • Your favorite books and how they’ve impacted you
  • Story of how you got started
  • Who/what inspires you
  • What other jobs you’ve held
  • Share a goal you’re working towards
  • Share your “big dream”
  • A funny childhood story
  • A quote you love and why
  • Share a video of you speaking on stage

Your Best Tips & Resources

  • How you start your day
  • How you end your day
  • Time management/balance tips
  • How to get energized and focused
  • Helpful websites you use frequently
  • Top tools that are helpful
  • Create a “top 10” list
  • A blog post you found helpful
  • Recent articles/news links
  • Write a recap of what you learned from an event (live or virtual)

From Your Blog

  • The first post you wrote
  • Your most popular post
  • Most commented post
  • An interesting/funny comment you’ve received

Personal Transformation Moments

  • Why you decided to create your business
  • A time you almost quit, and why you didn’t
  • How you process negative comments/feedback
  • What keeps you going on tough days
  • A moment you decided to “step up”
  • A moment something went wrong and how you handled it

Business Moments

  • Share an anniversary (X months/years in business) and what you’ve learned along the way
  • Share a milestone (X fans, followers, subscribers) and what it means
  • Connect with a current holiday
  • Share a success (income level or other goal achieved)
  • Share the next goal your working on
  • Write about a charity or cause your business supports

Personal Connections

  • Profile your team and share their tips
  • Share an interview with you that was published elsewhere
  • Interview someone else and share it
  • Recognize a top affiliate, team member or customer/client
  • Feature a success story (case study)

Behind the Scenes

  • What you’re working on in business
  • What’s launching soon
  • A photo of your workspace
  • What you do for fun
  • Photo of you with clients or working
  • Share an image of old branding/website
  • Share an image of new branding/website
  • Music you listen to while you work
  • Share what is or isn’t working right now for you
  • A “day in the life” post sharing a typical day for you

What would YOU add to this list?  Which ideas inspire you?

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  1. These are 50+ great blog post ideas you have here Michelle!

    Sometimes one can get writers block, but now I have someone to turn to and help me never have a problem coming up with ideas.
    Nestor recently posted… Success Pillar Three By Anthony RobbinsMy Profile

  2. Michelle, thank you so much for all you do! You are such an inspiration and are sharing such great value! Have a wonderful day! :)
    Chris Brindamour recently posted… 3 Buzz-worthy Websites About Network MarketingMy Profile

  3. Thanks for the wonderful ideas.. I`m going to write about my big dream in my next blog post.
    Swathi Nair recently posted… 5 life transforming changes.. Now I realize that Network Marketing is not just about money, but about investing in oneselfMy Profile

  4. All of these ideas are really good and can be scaled up further but my favorite from these is “Personal Transformation Moments”. These are really great post ideas and gain maximum shares and comments from social media. Sharing tips and resources are evergreen methods of attracting engagements on social media.
    Thanks for sharing this post.
    Soumya Roy recently posted… Online SEO Training in India | learn seo online in India on SkypeMy Profile

  5. Hi Michelle,

    You shared really high value information, These ideas are Great. Keep on doing good work.
    Shaheryar Patel recently posted… How to write an Article?My Profile

  6. Thank you for the greatb ideas I`m going to write about my live in italy for the next blog

  7. Writing about the latest news related to our niche or category is always a better idea for writing any new post. When we write about any new news then there is always low competition in seo also.
    Avnish Gautam recently posted… Seo tips and tricks 2015 to outperform top 10 competitorsMy Profile

  8. Awesome blogs,thanks for giving a nice ideas through this article .now we get an idea for social media blogs.I like to bookmark this page for my career reference

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