9 Places to Find Inspiration & Ideas to Get Past Writer’s Block

If you write articles or blog, you’ve probably hit writer’s block once or twice (maybe more…). Here are some quick places you can jump-start your creativity and brainstorm ideas.

Check Out the News: What’s happening in the news? Is there an event, occasion, holiday, or something else you can write about? Don’t just look at national or world news, also look at what’s happening in your local area for ideas.

YouTube: There’s always something interesting on YouTube. Set your timer and take 5 minutes to surf the site. Chances are you’ll find a spark of an idea while you’re there, or at least feel a little more relaxed after your 5 minute break.

EzineArticles: There are at least two easy ways to come with ideas from EzineArticles. First, you can use the title generator in the author’s area, it gives great suggestions. Second, pick a category and look at what’s popular in that category of articles. You may find a topic that you can write about there.

Popular Blogs: Go see what they’re writing about. Find a topic that you have expertise on that you can share, or something you disagree with that you want to voice an opinion about.

Your Own Blog: Take a few minutes and look through your blog posts. Did you do any lists? Can you expand each point in your list to become its own article or post? Or, what comments did people leave you? If they asked a question, elaborate on your answer in an article or post.

Other Articles You’ve Written: Look back at your articles. Are there any that your approach or strategy has changed on? Write a new article. Anything that you’ve learned more about? Expand on the topic.

Your Day to Day Life: Life can bring us myriad inspirations if we just pay attention. If you’ve got writer’s block, take a break and go for a walk in the sunshine with your dog, play a game with your kids, or spend some time relaxing. Ideas love to hit us when we’re least expecting them. Can you write about a lesson you’ve learned or a mistake you’ve made? How about a challenge you’ve overcome or problem you’ve solved?

Review Something: What have you read or watched recently that you can share your thoughts on?

Ask Your Kids, Spouse, Partner, or Pet: While they may not have the idea you’re looking for, the conversation might trigger some unique ideas or perspectives for you.

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  1. These are all great ideas for finding subjects for blog posts and articles.

    I think the posts which include a little about our lives build relationships with our readers.

    I’m glad you included the tip about using a timer when visiting YouTube. That’s always a good safety precaution.
    Lynn Jordan recently posted… When Shouldn’t You Repurpose Your Writing Into ArticlesMy Profile

  2. Awesome suggestions, Michelle!

    I keep promising myself that I’m going to head on over to Technorati and research the top blogs in my niche to see what everyone is writing about. Well, I haven’t done it yet, but your post is a good reminder! And I hadn’t thought about asking my “pet” for blog post ideas. :) I love the way you think.

    Melanie Kissell recently posted… Build Your Self-Confidence Through the Use of Color CosmeticsMy Profile

    1. Sometimes the one-sided conversations with my cat generates ideas. :)

    1. You’re welcome, thanks Leisa. :)

  3. I am a visual person so I love to a brain storm with little hand drawn mind maps. Once I get re-orientated to thinking visually – my creativity flows better.

    Another thing I do is get myself really present – right in the moment. That’s when any “inner critic” type talk that may have been creating the block – gets out of the way.

  4. Thanks for these ideas. Great.

    I have added a small list to my blog. Must keep working on the new one.

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