Are You Afraid of Sharing What You Know?

Stop being afraid.

Someone is going to write about what you know. Why not you?

You hear me talk all the time about why sharing what you know and using a blog to do it helps you build an audience and be successful in business. So this time I’ll let someone else convince you. ;)

Here’s a great video from Jason Fried of 37 Signals (the smart guys behind Basecamp) sharing how web designers, writers, and more can build an audience and market their businesses by sharing what they know.

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  1. Great video! I love to teach.. this has become more apparent to me! I love to educate and allow others to make an informed decision about their health! I’m ecstatic to get my message out!! FINALLY, I truly understand that all I need to be is a person with a message … that’s my new answer to the “Who am I” question.

    Great post Michelle, thanks for sharing!

    Stacy :-)

  2. AND most importantly, I am an avid learner! So Iove when people share their perspective! The internet has made this really accessible for each of us. Some of my best friends, I’ve met online! What a great support system.

  3. Wonderful video Michelle!

    You are absolutely right by saying that we should share the things we know, as sharing is also caring, and if we don’t do it, someone else will do so – sooner or later. I loved what he said about what all you can share if you are a writer or freelance writer, as that related well with me- being one! He is absolutely right :)

    Thanks so much for sharing :)
    Harleena Singh recently posted… How to Not Fear Failure?My Profile

  4. This is a great video Michelle. It’s funny because I keep getting this same message over and over again lately. Obviously I am meant to share more of what I know, but I have been afraid. This post has really confirmed it for me. Thank you very much for sharing it.


  5. Madonna has said it perfectly for me. There’s a fear of committing words that will be there forever (assuming anyone reads them!), but it is repeatedly clear what the message is. Thanks again.

  6. Hey Michelle!!!

    Really interesting video, and no doubt sharing your knowledge with your audience make you expert in your field but still you must know what points should be shared with your audience and what points should be kept secret as a working professional.
    Aasma recently posted… MLM Software in DelhiMy Profile

  7. Hi Michelle, another time I have to say: You are right. I am sorry, but is totally true, you are. Thanks, and keep doing this for us.
    Juan G Garcia recently posted… 5 Things to Consider in Internet Marketing.My Profile

  8. Thanks for sharing, so useful and full of great info and so correct. It’s that old thing about thinking that what is easy to us is of no value. If it comes easy immerse yourself in the joy of that and go teach it to others.
    Heather Waring recently posted… Boredom? Does it feature in your life?My Profile

  9. This reminds me of a woman I saw at a book publishing seminar who kept asking question after question of the speaker. The problem with getting an answer she liked was that she apparently distrusts everyone with her information. Would you believe she typed her manuscripts because she feared that someone could steal her info if she used a computer? She also feared having an editor read her manuscript because they may steal her ideas.

    If we don’t share, we live in a tiny scary world.
    Flora Morris Brown, Ph.D. recently posted… How to Get Where You Want to Go (and So Much Further)My Profile

  10. My granddaughter says sharing is caring. She’s soooo cute. Flora I know several people who fall into that fearful category … they are afraid to share because someone is going to steal their idea and most of the time it’s for something that does not have any proprietary value. I personally don’t believe there are any original thoughts – I tell my children, friends and clients, if you are having a thought at least one other person is having that thought. I advise them to write, speak, build, create or share it in some way and they’ll be know as the person who brought it to light.

    Sometimes we want to claim things that are not claimable, such as a generic word. I am creating hypnotic recordings on mastering your money mindset and I was told by a friend I couldn’t do that because she’s the money coach and I’m not a money coach. HUH!!
    Adalia John recently posted… Confidence TestMy Profile

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