Bright Ideas for Your Newsletter, Part 2

This is a follow up to one of the most popular articles on my site, Bright Ideas to Keep Your Newsletter Interesting.

If you struggle to come up with ideas for your newsletter articles, you aren’t alone! Many small business owners aren’t sure what to write about. You want topics that will be interesting to your readers and help them get to “know” you so they learn that you can be a trusted source of the information or products they want.

Let me share some creative ideas with you to help you jumpstart your brainstorming.  Keep reading to find out what that robot time machine has to do with newsletters…  :)

A Pitch from Your Product (or Service)

Write a sales letter or interview from the perspective of your product (or service).  For example, grab a photo of your favorite craft creation.  Say it’s a gorgeous mermaid Waldorf doll.  Now,  from her perspective write what she’s looking for in an owner.  Describe what an ideal play date for her would be, and who she’d like to snuggle to sleep.

If you’re a service provider then write from the perspective of an embodiment of your solution or give your computer or your process a personality you can write from.  Explain why it wants to help and how it can be of service in delivering great end results.

Share a Success Story

Profile a recent project you’ve completed that got great results or a very happy customer.  Instead of focusing on why they chose you or how they found you (as suggested in Part 1, Profile a Customer), focus on the problem your product fixed (no more leaky diapers, super happy Birthday kid, etc) or the results your service delivered.

It’s Like Cookies and Milk

What goes great with your product or service?  Brainstorm a list of what works with what you do, and then share it.  Recommend other vendors or service providers.  By introducing your subscribers to options that work with what you offer, you gain several benefits:

  • you’re helping them find other useful services/products
  • you’re building goodwill with the vendors/providers you refer to in your list
  • you’ve associated your own business with others that will plant ideas in your customer’s heads and motivate them to use your particular item/service in connection with another item/service – and if they’ve already got the other they may decide they need yours, too

Troubleshoot It

Consider the most common challenges your target market faces, around the product/service you deliver.  Pick the top 3 or 5 and address them with the solutions.  People appreciate problem solvers!

Take a Trip in a Time Machine

If you’ve been in business a few years, do a “time machine” profile of your company.  Share with your readers how you got started and the journey it’s been.  If your logo or website has evolved, show those old versions and compare them to the new ones (it’s always fun to watch things improve!).  Or share how your products have evolved through customer feedback and share that you’re always open to suggestions and ideas.

Need more ideas?  Check out my original list of 12 Bright Ideas for Newsletters here:

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