Censorship is Coming–Unless You Take Action

Wednesday, January 18th, this website will be one of the thousands choosing to go dark part of the day in protest of the SOPA / PIPA bills being considered by the United States Congress. 

Wikipedia, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, WordPress and more could be gone if this bill is allowed to pass.

This affects you whether you live in the USA or not.  Please, take a few minutes to watch this video, and then take action at AmericanCensorship.org

For a great summary of how this bill will affect bloggers and online business owners, read Copyblogger’s post The Problem with SOPA (And How to Stop It).

This matters. We all need to take action together and make noise. Let our elected representatives know that this bill would hurt honest bloggers and small business owners.

Please take action: AmericanCensorship.org

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  1. I strongly protest against any form of censorship on the web. Drop the SOPA. PIPA bills by the US congress!

  2. Taking small steps towards losing free speech is how it’s been going. The video is right that the people have the power to stop it just like we had the power to say no to bailouts. Usually this power is sought because of fear. There is quite a bit of fear because there is so much truth on the internet.

    It’s all about making sure there is no competition.
    Jeff Wise recently posted… Overcoming Negativity And My Small Business Online Marketing DreamMy Profile

  3. These bills will destroy the internet, freedom, and speech as we know it. The staff at Black Venom supports your protest of these censorship bills. Good for you Michelle.

  4. You know me pretty well by now, Michelle, and I don’t usually come off sounding like this, but …

    I think we should fight this tooth and nail !!
    Melanie Kissell recently posted… Overcoming The Challenge Of Getting An Audience In Your Virtual SeatsMy Profile

  5. This is absolutely ridiculous!
    Aston recently posted… Nike PlusMy Profile

  6. I agree Michelle they are slowly trying to away everything from us. They take away freedom of speach. Then maybe freedom to worship the way we want also.
    Bill recently posted… Censorship Do We Need It???My Profile

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