Cool Tool: Basecamp

For managing projects in my design business as well as working with my VA, I use Basecamp’s Plus version.

Working with my VA: It allows me to easily login and setup to do lists, upload files to share, and set deadlines – then it notifies my VA by email.  When she logs in, she can add in her time tracking for each to do completed.  At the end of the month it’s easy to print out a report.

Working with Client Projects: I’m able to setup a login for each client so they can securely login and view various things I’ve setup including overviews, project milestones and deadlines, files, and to do lists.  They can add their notes and feedback as I work.  And I can track my time spent on the project.

Saves me time and keeps me organized.  Very cool!


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  1. Have you tried Task2Gather? It’s a really cool task management tool.

  2. I’m very happy with BaseCamp but did take a quick look at Task2Gather. Do you use it regularly? Happen to know what the paid subscription cost for the advance features is? I use the file attachments and similar options almost daily in BaseCamp so I’m just curious how it compares. :) Thanks for the comment/link.

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